Saturday, 2 March 2013

Time to man up

I'm not going to mess about today, Blogettes. I've been up an at 'em without sitting down for 12 hours and I need red wine, dinner, my sofa and my boy.

Today my garden wall and patio went from this... this... (from the opposite angle, looking back at the house)... this... this...

...and there's more to come!
I may be behind my camera for these bits, but, believe me, I hauled buckets of bricks with the best of them. I can't thank my friends and family enough for giving up their precious weekends to help me make my garden beautiful (and safe - that wall was 100 years old and close to falling down!). In a few more days it will have fencing, decking and a pagoda. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am the luckiest gal in the world.
I also managed to fit in a walk in to town with my cousin, where I bought luscious chocolate from Coco, a trip to the butchers and a good talk with one of my favourite girls. Win!
Edited highlights from the last few days include bootcamp Thursday which killed my biceps. My reward was healthy fish and chips. Cod rubbed with coconut oil and ground almonds and panfried with roasted sweet potato coins and steamed green beans on the side. This was a hit with The Boy, too.
On Friday I had a day out of the office in an all day handover meeting for a piece of work I'm taking over... I'm excited and nervous! It was a really productive, intense, but fun day.
It was fuelled by a chargrilled chicken Caesar salad with parmesan and anchovies. Yum! Loving the strong cheese. Just enough to give a flavour punch.

Dinner was another winning kale recipe from Iowa Girl - Asian kale salad with salmon. This was soooo fresh and summery. Orange totally worked in it. And... the cabbage matched my tulips.

Bonus - the leftovers were put to good use with mackerel today.

As it was an exceptional day, I also chowed down some macadamia nuts and dates for energy this afternoon. They worked.
And something cheery to leave you on... my Peace Lily is blooming for the first time in years. *sigh*

No blog tomorrow, we're having a Tuesday.
See you next week!
Worked on any home projects this weekend?
I was dreading today, but love the feeling you get from a hard day's graft. Oh, and I did 20000 steps!

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