Monday, 25 March 2013

The little things

I'm at the start of a super busy week. Thank goodness it's only a four day one at work! Just got to make it through to Thursday evening...

To be fair, I'm mainly doing nice stuff, it just all seems to be packed in to the same week. Not so nice is a 4.30am start tomorrow to get to Manchester for a meeting. Hey ho, a girl's gotta earn a living.

I left you on Saturday when we'd had our evening plans cancelled, so I needed to think of a quick and easy dinner because I wasn't in the mood for fussin'.

Tina at Carrots and Cake came up trumps with Gingery beef and broccoli. I added a mushroom stir fry mix to the recipe. Simple and wholesome and just what we needed.

Gala apple and cinnamon for dessert. We resisted wine.

Ah, Sunday. The best start to the day - veggie frittata, Frasier and the iPad. Bliss!

Not bliss? The frickin' FREEZING weather as I walked to the shop for some groceries. Seriously, the cold is beyond ridiculous.
This tasty ham salad for lunch did nothing to warm me up but sure did cheer me up. As did getting my oven doors sparkling clean with a bit of baking soda and a brillo pad. It's the little things!

We had a date with the shops, so I put dinner on to slow cook while we flexed the plastic. Inspired by the gorgeous stew I had at Juliets last week, I chucked the following in - two pork steaks, a leek, an apple, some organic prunes, a parsnip (all chopped), a glug of brandy, a pinch of cinammon and some thyme. Covered with chicken stock and cooked for five and a half hours.

It turned out great! The Boy gave it a big thumbs up.
Our shopping trip was a success too - I treated myself to some gorgeous L'Occitane products at their outlet store and got some bargains. I'm in love with their rose handcream. It was still sooooo cold out, though, so we didn't linger and got home quick to keep cosy for the rest of the night, reading and watching DVDs. The little things.
Another little thing that made me happy today...

...and another (smoked salmon frittata)...

...and another.
It may feel like winter outside but in my house it's spring!
I met BC for lunch and we discussed her birthday plans. Very exciting. We also braved the biting cold with a walk. Lunch was mackerel salad with samphire and Kalamata olives.

And this rather sad but sweet pear. I prefer them less ripe, but hate waste!

I walked home from the shop after - work Andy dropped me there - and am still defrosting! I needed to stock up on wine to take to friends' places... I'm dining out for the next five days in a row... Holy Whole 30 in April! But, it will give me lots to post about when I check back in with y'all on Friday!
What are your Easter plans?
I'm going on a Hen Party in Cardiff on Saturday!


  1. The gingery beef and broccoli looks really good. Have fun at the hen party!!

  2. winner! You are in charge of the cake? with the purpose of is so cool! I determination be looking forward to pictures...what did you say? Will it be in attendance?hen night badges. sound like you actually had a good quality moment in time with this party. become reorganization!