Saturday, 9 March 2013

The big reveal...

Here it is, the garden in it's (almost) finished state... The next stage is the planting... If you need a reminder of what it looked like last week, click here.

I actually cried when I got home and saw it on Thursday. That might have had something to do with my late night and long day, but it was mostly because I LOVE it and am so excited! And, so touched at how much thought my Mum's boyfriend has put in to it. I can't even begin to thank him enough.

Drinks on the terrace anyone?

He even gave me this iron garden set which has saved me a bomb on furniture. And he made the little box to cover the ugly waste pipe.

Lovely clean, neat pathway.

He even sorted out my dodgy pipe which kept spilling water all over the path!
So, so, so happy with it. Next step, after the plants, is painting the house cream.
So, what else has been happening?
I've eaten some frittatas for breakfast, of course. With prosciutto ham on top for the past couple of days. Loving that.
Half a pear on Friday, too.
The other half accompanied lunch, which was a roast salmon salad with avocado. I really like cold salmon, it's dense and meaty.
I then went for a walk in the rain, as I wanted to keep my steps in check for the week and wasn't sure I'd fit any in later.
We had my friend BC over for dinner, so cracked open some rose she bought and I made beef and kale stir fry with cashew nuts and some baked sweet potato on the side. Inhaled this.
Then we went to... Rock and Roll bingo! It was brilliant and hilarious and we sang along to EVERY song! You pay £1 a card, and instead of numbers it has artists and songs on. Then they play music clips and you tick them off. So. Much. Fun! I managed to stick to three glasses of wine, too! Definitely going again.
Saturday morning fitness class was called off, so I went for a looooong walk instead. Two hours to be precise. Ooh, there was a lot to see...
Beautiful blue skies down by the sea.
Our local castle, no big deal.

A very vocal little bird at the funfair.

A beautiful bird picking its way through the shallows.

A look back at the fair. Someone was testing out the rollercoaster when I walked past.

The Cathedral lawn.

It really felt like spring today, not least because of the cacophany of birdsong everywhere! It was a lovely walk.

I needed this prawn and avocado salad!

Then The Boy and I strolled to the shops and I indulged in an iced latte.
Next stop? Drinks on the terrace of course! Then heading to my friend's place for dinner with a bottle of pink champagne and homemade peppermint creams in hand. Saturdays don't get much better than this.
What's your Saturday looked like so far?


  1. That garden looks AMAZING! Nice work on it :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy with it. We just need some plants and flowers... And a couple of cocktails and we're good to go!

  2. WOW! I love the pagoda and pretty furniture it all looks fantastic!
    and oh to have a castle down the street x

    1. I just want summer to hurry up now! The only time I've actually been in the castle was for a friend's wedding a few years ago. Must make an effort to check out more of the local sites this year...