Monday, 11 March 2013

Technically, I'm ticked off

Urgh, it all went wrong today at work! I had two things that needed to be done today, plus other stuff, and I knew it would be tight... Well, I was doing fiddly technical stuff and what could go wrong did and I got all stressy.

Don't get me wrong, I do keep these things in perspective and realise people have much bigger, life or death stuff to deal with in their daily working lives but, it was tiresome to say the least.

And don't even get me started on this crazy weather. Siberian winds, icicles, snow flurries... REALLY?!

Okay, rant over!

Let's go back to the beautiful, spring-like day that was Saturday...

We christened the new deck with some cocktails. Manhattan for him, Alabama Slammer for her. (I just realised it looks like the fence is bleeding. Ick!).

The sun was going down at this point and it got pretty cold pretty quick, so we basically toasted and hightailed it back inside! If The Boy is cold, you know it's chilly!
We then walked to meet our friends - I went to dinner at my friend A's house, and Andy went to meet some mates at the pub.
A had put on a full-on three course affair. Here's the starter - goats cheese, walnut and pear with a cranberry and lemon 'jus'. I love goats cheese, so dove in, although the dressing was a little sweet for my Whole 30 tastebuds.
Our main course was a fabulously fragrant thai beef noodle soup (I skipped the noodles). Really light, fresh and flavourful.
Despite only having two glasses of champagne I forgot to snap my main! Blame girl talk and babies!

Pudding was creme brulee - shop-bought but divine. I wanted it, so I ate it. And it was good. And a couple of my peppermint creams finished things off...
Good times with the girls.
Sunday kicked off rather early despite the late night, and I had what can only be described as a sugar hangover. That bitch lasted all day, too. I felt demotivated, lethargic, tetchy, fed up... It was worse than a normal hangover! I really cannot underestimate the effect sugar has on me now. Bad times.
Clean eats for breakfast were the only answer. A ham frittata with lots of freshly-roasted veg and hugeass plum.

Despite that and lots of tea and the Frasier double-bill, I was still in a funk.
Chores followed, then an early lunch as we were having early dinner at Andy's mum and dad's.
A tasty ham salad. Can you tell we stocked up on ham at the butcher's?! It's real good.

Usually a walk snaps me out of it, so I tried that but it was cold and grey and did nothing for my subsequent road rage. SUNDAY DRIVERS! That is all.
Luckily I managed to rein myself in at the parent's and we had a lovely, chilled afternoon and a roast lamb dinner. I passed on lemon drizzle pudding. The sugar may have resulted in some tragic massacre on Mother's Day. As it was, things passed uneventfully and we all made it out alive. Phew.
Back home later in the evening I had a mini-meal as dinner was early and I didn't want to get hangry. More ham, a bit of salad and a sunny orange. Plus some almonds for calcium and crunch.

What a day.
Monday's snow arrived as forecast, but I was feeling pretty chipper after an early night and a sugar-free Sunday. Well, apart from a couple of chocolate buttons!
Another ham frittata and plum combo coming up!

The morning raced by in a flurry of snow and expletives, and lunch brought light relief in the form of lunch out with an old friend. We were celebrating his birthday and generally being great. I ordered chicken salad with everything and a spearmint and strawberry tea. It was all a rather nice change.

Then I suggested a little walk and he saw right through me - 'You just want to get your steps up don't you?'. Er, yeah! So off in to the snow we trotted.
The afternoon back at work hurtled from bad to worse and I left in a fluster to get The Boy from the station after a London jaunt today.
I really wanted to get out and walk the day off, but it is bitter and so, so windy (wind makes me want to kill). So, I danced around while cleaning the bathroom instead. Send help.
Dinner was a winner, though. Fried haddock fillets with roast sweet potato and steamed green beans and samphire. A squeeze of lemon for the lady, too.

I realised there wasn't a lot of fat in my dinner so had some macadamia nuts with my dessert orange.

Now thinking about, but trying to resist, gin.
London tomorrow. And more snow.
How was your day?


  1. Ugh, hate days when nothing goes right! Hope this week is better!