Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spun sugar

Good evening! I'll start with a picture from Sunday that got lost in the iCloud until today...

Ain't it pretty? My little patch of heaven. Actually, the weather's been pretty good all week, if a little chilly. Brrr! So, what's been happening?

Monday ended on a high with this Jamie Oliver recipe:

Haddock wrapped in pancetta drizzled with a lemon and mayo dressing with rosemary and lemon zest. We had broccoli, samphire and asparagus on the side. So zingy and fresh! The Boy found it a little too lemony, but what does he know!? Winner, and quick, too.

I've been digging on pears lately. A little William.

Tuesday started with a frittata with leftover chicken. I love a bit of bonus protein in the morning!

It was a busy day at work, with a meeting from 10-1 with no break - you can imagine my state of hunger when I finally loomed over this mackerel salad. Andy made the mistake of coming up to say hello, but I did pre-warn him about my hangry state! Luckily food and a walk with my friend calmed me back down. Crisis averted!

I was back at RMF lastnight, so had another protein snack before I headed out. It was great to be back! Lots of running, push-ups, general pain... feeling it today!

Ye olde classic salmon and ginger broth soothed our broken bodies - The Boy had been at the gym.

Then I watched the season finale of Girls and went to bed too late. It was good, if a little mushy (Girls, not the apple!).

Today I spoiled myself AGAIN by adding pancetta to the frittata. You're right, I JUST DON'T CARE! Some little blueberries on the side... There's three yolks in there, too...

Lunch was a joint effort - I chopped the salad and Andy sauteed the shrimp in coconut and egg white (hence the bonus breakfast yolk).

I got some good stuff done at work today. We're moving to another part of the floor soon, so I had a good clear out and managed to schedule some important meetings. Long walk when I got in and boom. Here I am! Steak is on the cards for dinner!
Spin, spin sugar
There's been a lot more in the media lately about sugar's negative effects on our health - the Observer Food Monthly featured an extract from a new book and the BBC's Bang Goes The Theory (a science programme) focussed on it the other night. I love that people are starting to cotton on to the fact that it's sugar, rather than fat, which is causing problems with obesity. We were talking about it at work and a colleague said to me 'But, surely it's everything in moderation'. That's when I realised I must come across as a sugar Nazi sometimes! I think everyone should have a bit of what they fancy, and if you can eat sugar and not crave more and give in to that craving, that's great. I eat sugar, I just have to be careful with it, but would never suggest people give it up altogether. My issue is with foods that dress themselves up as a 'healthy choice' when, in fact, the second or third main ingredient is sugar (I'm talking to you, Special K and Bran Flakes). The kind of food that fools people in to thinking they're being healthy. A chocolate bar ain't trying to pretend it's healthy - you know what you're getting. An 'Eat Natural' bar marketed as 'full of good, wholesome stuff' with the number two ingredient listed as 'glucose syrup'... hmmm, that's a bit shadier in my opinion.
Those are my thoughts... over to you...


  1. Beautiful beach pic! Your shrimp salad looks soo good...what is all in it?

    1. What don't I put in there! My usual salad base is a big handful of raw kale, scrunched up a bit to tenderise it, a chopped carrot, bell pepper, beetroot, baby tomatoes and sometimes celery. This one also had avocado. The shrimps are dipped in egg white then desiccated coconut and fried off. You can use raw or cooked shrimp. I also love Luann's kale salad which has apple and dried fruit in it. You can find the recipe on Iowa Girl Eats.

    2. Thank you!

  2. That frittata looks SO good! I agree with you about sugar-- everyone should make their own choices. If you like it and can regulate yourself, then just enjoy!

    1. I'm obsessed with frittatas! You inspired me to make them with your blog :)