Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Over the hump

It's been a funny old week so far. I've been ahead of myself again, so feel like it's Thursday rather than Wednesday... I think it's because I spend so much time planning ahead sometimes I forget to focus on the now!

It's been busy at work and home, with the garden taking shape each day. This was the scene at the end of Monday:

and Tuesday:

Check out my fancy pagoda! I love love love it! One more day of work on it tomorrow, then the fun bit with the plants and furniture. Hurry up summer!
Unfortunately, as there's no rear access to the house, everything you see has had to go through the house. Soooo, the first thing I did when I got home on Monday was clear it up. I rewarded myself, and The Boy after his two hour stint at the gym, with this Salmon and ginger broth with pak choy. Ain't it pretty?
Dinner wasn't until about 9pm so I read blogs for a bit (back in Tech Land after 'Tuesday'!) and watched Girls. And went to bed too late :S
Tuesday kicked off with this rather blurry veggie frittata topped with a bit of mackerel and some chopped fresh pineapple on the side. Check my tulips, still hanging in there!

It was another glorious spring day, so I wolfed down my mackerel salad with fancy olives left from the picnic, and got to strolling with my BC.

Sunshine in a pot.

I had to get in the door and back out by 6pm for Real Military Fitness, so obviously I hit every bit of traffic on the way home. Urgh, I hate commuter stress! Got changed and out the door in record time, pausing for a second to admire the garden.
The class was tough, with lots of running plus arm work in between. My biceps had only just recovered from the last class and heavy lifting at the weekend! I was paired with a very fit girl who forced me to keep my pace, and I felt exhausted but happy after. Loving it.
When I got home I made curried fish soup with samphire and red cabbage. It was a little too light after bootcamp, so I wolfed down an apple and pear after. There. Early to bed as I was shattered.

I slowed things down a gear today by working from home, allowing me to focus on some important projects at work and cut out the commute time, allowing me to get the house in some kind of order this morning! This is also in anticipation of an early start and busy day tomorrow as I head to Cardiff for the day.

My favourite breakfast - smoked salmon and veggie frittata - set me up.

Productive morning followed by HUGE curried fish and chorizo salad with olives for lunch. Yes, I ate it all.

And an apple!
I popped out at lunch to run some errands and get in a walk and now it's time to start cooking and get ready for a gig later. Not heard the band before, but The Boy thinks I'll like them.
Whole 30 Update
For those of you who might be interested, it was a month since I finished the Whole 30 at the weekend, so I thought it would be a good time to track my post-Whole 30 progress and have a weigh in. I've been feeling great, so was a bit worried about ruining that with a number on the scale that made me feel bad. On the other hand, I felt like I needed some way to measure how things have panned out since reintroducing wine and chocolate. Well... I'd actually lost another pound! This was after a particularly active week, so I took it with a pinch of salt, but it's great to know I can maintain my weight and still enjoy the odd treat!
This really is a lifestyle change for me. I'd say I'm eating 90% Whole 30, 10% treats such as alcohol, chocolate and homemade goodies. So, sticking to NHS drinking guidelines, only having a few bits of dark chocolate and holding out for cakes and other treats that have been lovingly prepared by a person, not a factory, is working for me. And long may it continue! I'm so happy to break the diet/binge cycle, and feel good.
What do you think? Could you eat this way?
I never would have thought I could, but have never had a better relationship with food.


  1. I would love to eat as healthy as you, I'm trying!
    CAN'T wait to see the finished back yard,looks so good already.

    1. It's taken 17 years of trial and error to find a way of eating that suits me!

      I never thought I'd get so excited about a garden. I truly am a grown up! Celebratory drinks on the 'deck' on the weekend, rain or shine!