Monday, 4 March 2013

Low tech

So, yesterday was Tuesday. Confused? 'Tuesdays' are the brainchild of the wonderful couple behind The Whole 30. Running their own business and working weekends meant they found themselves 'plugged in' 24/7. So, they decided that on their least busy day - which happens to be a Tuesday - they were going to STOP. No email, no social networking, no chores, no shopping, no workouts, no *gasp* blogging... Nothing.

I liked this idea. I ran it past Andy. He was sceptical at first, but liked it, too. So we tried it. Read on to find out how it went...

First things first, after Saturday's exertions this...

...and this...

...were very much in order. Grilled pork chops with nuked sweet potato and steamed green beans and carrots. I also heated up some frozen berries to make a little sauce. It was delicious. Then we got to cracking open this light and fruity Pinot Noir The Boy brought back from Macedonia. A country not exactly noted for it's vineyards, but it was good and we polished off the lot! Pineapple chunks and some dark chocolate buttons were also on the menu. I passed out around 10.30!
'Tuesday' (aka Sunday)
So, I decided a break meant a break, and didn't take any blog photos. I woke at about 6.20 after a very restful sleep and fixed myself a roasted veggie and bacon frittata. Then I... sat. No iPad, no blogs. I watched the Frasier double-bill, sipped tea, read the Saturday papers and then got in to A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.
The Boy surfaced after a while and chilled with me. For lunch we had an amazing indoor picnic with stuff brought from the butcher, Lidl and Waitrose - cooked ham, chorizo, prosciutto, pork pie, brie, smoked cheese, marinated artichokes, huge green olives, sun dried tomatoes, crackers, chutneys, salad... I was restrained and filled my plate with a selection of the meats, salad and the artichokes and tomatoes. It was gorgeous. By this time the sun was out and I went for a long seaside walk. The Boy declined to join me. The garden work the day before had taken its toll!
I got back and had a snooze, then read some more, then fixed lamb stew with cider for dinner. Win. It was gorgeous! We finished off the cider. Watched some TV and went to bed.
So, Tuesday... It was good but, ironically, the day seemed to fly by and I didn't feel like we really achieved what we wanted, which was spending time together. I think we need more solid plans to motivate us to do stuff - particularly Andy. He ended up wishing he'd come for that walk but just had no get up and go. So, it was great to have a complete rest, but it didn't really work for us.
However, I have felt better today than I usually would on a Monday, in terms of my mood...
Back to normal! Bacon and veggie frittata with a side of pineapple.

Lunch was cracking - leftover cooked ham with marinated artichokes, sundried tomatoes, rocket and the usual array of veggies.

Lets investigate...

Aww yeah. Every few bites or so I'd add a little bit of pineapple to the ham. Just for kicks.
It turned out to be a glorious spring day, so I walked to the shop to buy provisions for my Mum's boyf, who's working on my garden this week. I carried back a bag of sugar, 12 cans of Coke and various other items. Workout for the day!
When we got home, great progress had been made. Pics to follow later in the week. I had to do a bit of cleaning up and tackled the bathroom cleaning, then went for a walk and called my Mum. Time to get dinner on in a bit.
Before I go, a big Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Lizzie!
Would you try a Tuesday?
I like the idea and will take bits of it, but, overall, not for us.

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