Wednesday, 13 March 2013

London calling

I had a nice little change of scene yesterday and got to attend a very interesting work event in Westminster, no less. So, my walk to work looked like this:

Nice garden by the Thames. Didn't notice the cone at the time!

Big Ben.

St. Paul's viewed as I strolled along the river.
And I couldn't resist sending this to my little brother, George:
Yes, Tuesday was a good day, and I started it right with a ham frittata, of course. And another big plum. I packed my usual flask of tea for the train journey. It was much needed. Sooooo cold!
After the Westminster event I got the tube part way to our London office, then got off and walked the last couple of miles along the river to get the steps up and savour the sunshine.
On arriving at the office I scarfed down my mackerel salad. This meal NEVER gets old. It was gone 1pm by the time I ate and I was actually light-headed!
All in all a much better work day than Monday. The evening held its own charm, too - I was heading to my Mum's to cook her a belated Mother's Day dinner and bake her boyfriend a treat as a thank you for the garden. It was a busy evening but lovely to see them and my brother.
Here's my Mum's 'bespoke' birthday mug I bought her:
I call my Mum 'Mimms' and she calls her cappuccino's 'cheenys'. It makes sense to us!
I made homemade burgers with roast sweet potatoes and salad. Minus the sesame bun for me.
And check the sickly sweet Queen of Puddings I made for Paul.

It's not to my taste, but it sure does look pretty. Sugar bomb!
This morning started at Mum's with some mackerel, veggies and a pear. I added fat in the form of sliced almonds.
Part of the reason I stayed over was to go to my dentist this morning which is in my home town. I'm pleased to say my teeth got a clean bill of health! I'm a weirdo as I actually enjoy trips the dentist! It helps that my dentist is really nice and my Mum was a Dental Nurse when I was little, so I was used to hangign out there.
It was good to get back to the office today, and, even better, I had no meetings so could concentrate on getting sh*t done. Lunch swooped along in no time - prawn salad and a dried up saddo of a satsuma. I still ate it.

The sun was out again, so I hit up my friend D and took a stroll.
After work I took another walk and have been busy cooking, meal planning and online grocery shopping ever since. We're away for the weekend so gotta get organised if we want to eat on our return!
Dinner was super yummy (and salty) pan-roasted salmon with purple sprouting brocolli and samphire. Just right.

A Gala apple.

I'm shattered!
So, no blog for a few days as I'm out at a quiz tomorrow (love!) with collegues and then we're away for the weekend. So, there'll be an update Sunday. We're going to be having some good eats... Have a good end of the week, y'all!
Dentist - dread or delight?


  1. I dread the dentist mostly because I hate the noises the machines make. Your photo of Big Ben is really pretty!