Thursday, 7 March 2013

In dispatches

By the time I get home tonight, I'll have spent 7 hours on a train!

It's been a good day, though. I'm always guaranteed a very warm welcome in Cardiff. People actually talk to each other on the train. Weird, right?!

So I thought I'd do a little update from the road as I won't be posting again until Saturday. Tonight will be the final day of gardening clear up and tomorrow night I'm going to my first ever Rock and Roll Bingo session!

Last night finished up with a roast chicken dinner. Then we went to a gig, fitting in a cheeky glass of wine first. It was nice to catch up with friends at the gig. Andy was a fan of the band, called The Joy Formidable. They were okay! The downside was the gig went on until 11.30. Crazy on a school night! Well, it is for me, anyway!

Luckily I was super organised and, quite literally, had breakfast in the bag. Oh smoked salmon frittata, cold the next day, how I love thee. My trusty flasks of tea and water and some berries accompanied.

It was a dreary day but I cracked on with writing an article on the train and was rather productive. I didn't hit my step target yesterday so made an extra effort and walked up to our sixth floor office when I arrived.

My reward, come lunch, was a stinky but tasty sardine salad with samphire. And a nice juicy apple. Then I went for a quick walk in the city centre and back up and down those stairs!

I reloaded with tea and water before leaving the office... And here I am! A bit more work, some research for our mini break next weekend and blog reading are keeping me going. As is a bit of Frank Ocean.

Chicken soup for dinner! See ya Saturday.

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