Friday, 29 March 2013

'Fessing up Friday

Happy Easter, lovelies! I hope you're able to enjoy a long weekend or, if not, at least some quality time with your favourite people in the world. Because we all need a bit of that.

So, I have a few things to confess throughout this post. First, I'm completely washed out. I've tried to fit in too much this week. It's been great to catch up with friends and go to an important meeting in Manchester and get in to work early to hand out Easter eggs... but not all in the same week! I need sleep. I actually felt tearful yesterday and today from tiredness. I need to stop over-stretching.

More confessions to come. In the meantime, Monday ended on a high with some finger lickin' chicken and roast sweet potato and parsnips with steamed veggies. Always a treat.

Tuesday's breakfast was a cold one on the road, with a hot flask of tea. Picture taken at 6am in the airport carpark before I boarded the plane bound for Manchester. That cold smoked salmon frittata never fails.

Ever-distrustful of the buffet lunch, I took leftovers with me and dug in to the pineapple, mango and melon they had on offer. I got lots of questions about my lunch. I do get fed up of people going on about my food choices, but do also enjoy pointing out that sandwiches are not the only lunch choice!

On my way back to the train station I stumbled across Chinatown. I'll definitely stop by for some grub another time.

As it was, I'd spotted a Carluccio's (Italian chain) on the way in and fancied giving it a try.
HUGE green olives to start. Very nice and mild.

And a tasty fish stew, although a bit skimpy on the portions. Hmm. I did love the addition of some spicy sausage, though.

Confession #2: Then I went to pay and couldn't find my bag. Must be hanging on the back of my chair? No. I started flipping out at this point and racking my brains for where it would be. Finally, I retraced my steps and suddenly remembered bending down to tie my shoelace outside another restaurant. I grabbed a waitress going by and she said yes, she'd seen a bag and it had been taken to lost property. Can you believe it?! I couldn't. And everything was still in it and it meant I could pay for my meal and fly home. I dread to think what I would have done otherwise. Doh!
I got home at 9.30pm - a long day with a stressful end, but also huge relief!
Wednesday started with a warm version of my Tuesday breakfast and the remains of a headache I'd had for 24 hours.

This pear was looking a little sad so I thought I'd better eat it. Confession #3: It was too soft and mushy and sweet. So I threw it out. Hate wasting food!

Work was busy, so this baby certainly didn't go to waste. Prawn salad, as made by The Boy.

Eaten after a lunchtime visit to meet a co-worker's new Pomchi puppy. Don't know what one of those is?
You're welcome. Now that's something I'd like to do every day! Sure brightened the day!
I managed a walk after work, and then headed over to a friend's for dinner later in the evening. She always puts on a proper spread.
Smoked salmon with apple, fennel, beetroot and horseradish sauce to start. I love fennel but never seem to use it. This was so fresh and light.

The main was a warming, fragrant Moroccan lamb tagine with sweet potato and butternut squash. It is still bitterly cold out, so this REALLY hit the spot.

Confession #4: I didn't even consider resisting my other friend's homemade apple crumble and custard she bought. She makes the best crumble with the crunchiest topping.
Unfortunately it didn't entirely agree with me and my stomach complained, but I think, on balance, it was worth it!
Thursday started off very spring-like. Loving those daffs and teeny yellow plums! So sweet and juicy. Ham topped the frittata.

The week was really starting to catch up with me at this point, after another late night, and I was tired to the bone.
Confession #5: While handing out Easter eggs at work in bunny ears with a big smile on my face, I was thinking very evil thoughts. Bad bunny. Actually, making people smile did a lot to cheer me up - they were genuinely taken aback that we would hand out chocolate eggs for no reason other than to say Happy Easter!
Before I could tuck in to lunch, I had to head to an interview! Yep, I've applied to mentor young people who need support getting in to employment, education or training. It went well and I'm really excited to get started on the training and get to meeting my mentees! More to come on this.
So, I was more than ready for this baked salmon with Luann's salad minus the kale. We realised this week, kale season may be over. Can't find it anywhere in the shops. Gulp.

Another evening, another meal cooked for me by a lovely friend. Cod wrapped in parma ham topped with parmesan and served with roast veggies. Gorgeous!

And a sweet and juicy mango for dessert.

Confession #6: My friend also bought me some very nice Swiss dark chocolate. Unpictured but certainly not uneaten! She is so thoughtful and always makes me stuff she knows is Paelo-friendly. It means alot.
I made my way home this morning after staying over at BC's and stopped by the butcher to stock up. I got 20 eggs in a big 'ole tray. My kind off Easter eggs. What can I say, I love big eggs and I cannot lie.
Breakfast was a break from the norm - leftover baked salmon with avocado and a sweet potato. It was really good!

And I've been eyeing up this beautiful ruby specimen all week.
 Then I went for a walk by the sea and called my Mum, which always makes me happy.
Confession #7: I locked The Boy out by mistake so he waited 30 minutes in the freezing cold in his running gear. Oops! He forgave me. I'm not sure I would have!
Ham and samphire salad with Kalamata olives for lunch.
The last of the plums.

And looked who popped in for an afternoon visit... I only had one chick... so far...

We're out again tonight for tapas with friends and then it's off to Cardiff with a gaggle of girls tomorrow. Help!
Have a great weekend. Back on Sunday!
Got anything to confess?

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