Monday, 18 March 2013

A weekend at the ranch - part two

Ooh, it's cold here and I need to warm my little mitts up after a brisk walk... Let's head back to the weekend while I defrost...

Saturday started off pretty damn near perfectly, with a frothy latte...

And a rancher's breakfast, of course. No problems keeping it Paleo around here!

The Boy went for pancakes, natural yoghurt and that gorgeous fruit (which I helped him out with, because I'm nice).

It was grey and pouring with rain, but we didn't let that put us off and headed to the Spa Valley Railway across the road for a ride on a steam train. First things first, a stop at the mini cinema.

Unfortunately, we'd picked a weekend when they were running old diesel trains instead of steam. Andy and I still remember the diesel ones from our youth (sadly), but had a fun ride nonetheless, with a stop at a pub on the way.

Back in TW (Tunbridge Wells) we headed to the very pretty Pantiles where Andy stopped by a sign commemorating a dandy. I love a rhyme.

We went on to have a very successful shopping trip - I got a dress for a hen party next week and Andy scored a three-piece suit for the two weddings we're going to this year and got 20% off. Happy shoppers! By the time we were done buying, it was past 3pm and this girl was getting hangry. Cue Juliets, a gorgeous cafe where I got this huuuuge and tasty chai latte.

And ate a scrummy pork and apple stew which I am going to try and recreate at home very soon... It had prunes, thyme and brandy it! It was accompanied by a crazy tasty salad. My kind of cafe.

We then had a little chillaxing time - I went back to the hotel and Andy watched the rugby in a local pub - before heading out for sushi.
It was a bring your own bottle joint, so we splashed out on this New Zealand Sauv Blanc. I mainly took the picture because I want to buy it again! Very light, fresh and fruity.

We dined at Kitsu, a little hole in the wall place with great food and service. There'd been a mix-up with our reservation and they didn't have our name down, but they squeezed us in, thank God!
Chinese greens and a spicy tuna hand roll.

Mixed sashimi. Happy tummy.

We couldn't resist trying a little ice cream, too. The green tea one was okay, but I'm not really a fan of the tea anyway. The black sesame was fabulous, really nutty.

A lovely meal. Followed by drinks in a proper pub.
And a nightcap with my brother (aka one too many!).

Sunday ushered in a slight headache but all in a good cause! Breakfast helped sort things out.
Check out the cute touches in the room. It was so cosy.

It was another dreary day outside, but I didn't want to head straight home, so we headed out for one last drink. I made it a good one - ginger hot chocolate. So. Gingery! And made with real chocolate, not powder.

Bye bye TW!
Hello mackerel salad! I was starving when we got home!

I blogged, took a walk (it finally stopped raining) and made a roast chicken dinner to round the weekend off.
Oh, and a bit of chocolate...

It was sooooo good to get away! I've paid for the wine and dairy consumption a bit today with a slight headache and a gurgly tummy, but it was definitely worth it. Back to clean eats today, though.
Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

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