Sunday, 17 March 2013

A weekend at the ranch - part one

Howdy, Pardners! And a Happy St. Patrick's day to you, too! It's more of a grey than a green day here, but despite being a bit tired, I'm certainly in a celebratory mood. I've had a wonderful weekend away and feel refreshed and invigorated after a change of scene.

Rather than wear you out with a mammoth post I'm going to split my weekend round-up over a couple of posts. There's a lot to fit in!

Let's shimmy on back to Thursday first, in the interests of chronology and not hurting my little brain too much!

A breakfast frittata with anchovies. Yep, I just get weirder every day, folks! I love the salty hit from these li'l guys!

 A Gala apple to add a touch of sweetness.
We had an all day event at work, which meant no getting out for lunch. Instead we got to sit in a darkened room and work through. You can imagine how impressed this girl was with that! They were laying on a buffet lunch, but I took my own Albacore tuna salad because...

...I predicted there'd only be 'brown' food on offer. I hate being right. Seriously, though, all they had were sandwiches, crisps (chips), chocolate and fizzy drinks. I give up.

Having been stuck in a room all day, I went for a long walk after work around the local area as we were heading straight out to a quiz. It was a gorgeous evening after a sunny day and made me feel so much better.
We did well in the quiz but didn't place in the top three. I'd opted for the vegetarian dinner option as there was only lasagna on offer. Sadly the veggie option was cheesy pasta, so I stuck with salad and added some cooked ham and almonds I took along, with a plum for pudding.
Friday! We couldn't wait for 5.00pm to come so we could head off in to the sunset and get to holidaying!
First things first, another frittata with extra veggies and those little fishies.

After another frustrating morning fighting with technology, I ate a lunch prepared by The Boy - coconut prawns. Real good. Eaten with BC before we managed a walk during a break in the rain.

Shiny purple plum.
Look at this pretty little thing.

Then it was MINI-BREAK time! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We tore through the rain to Smith and Western in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Smith and Western is a family-owned chain of Wild West-themed restaurants. My little brother runs their boutique hotel. We're very proud *tear*.
We arrived around 7pm and got to ordering! They seated us in the 'jail'.

Did I ever tell you Andy is in to Western Wear. No? Funny that...

I wore a check shirt. I tried!

Hello, Lover (aka Pinot Grigio aka much-needed).

Cowboy dinner. Reader, he ate it all.

Steak fajitas for the li'l lady with a jacket potato and salsa and guac on the side. It was delicious. I heart sauteed peppers.

Who can resist this place??

More coming up later!
Cowboy-themed restaurant, yay or neigh (sorry)?

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