Thursday, 14 February 2013

Whole lotta love

Good evening, Peeps! I hope you've been feeling the love today? For me Valentine's day isn't just about romance - I see it as a chance to let my nearest and dearest know how much they mean to me. So, I not only send cards to my beau, but to my Mum, cousin and friends, too. I raised an eyebrow in the shop with the number of cards I bought at the weekend!

What it means is, come Valentine's Day, I get lots of cards in return and feel a whole lotta love!

What a nice morning scene!


It's been a pretty busy week, starting with bootcamp on Tuesday night which was killer! I am still hobbling like an old lady! The focus was on legs, with running up hills and 100 lunges per leg plus 100 squats and various other instruments of torture! Loved it, though, and what with walking there and back I clocked up 20000 steps and got an email from Fitbit congratulating me!

Eats of the day were... The usual veggie frittata brekkie with an apple...

Chicken salad using leftovers from our roast the night before and a Greek-style salad I'd made for The Boy. This was tasty but lacked the filling crunch factor of our usual salad!

The Whole 30 suggests a pre-workout snack of fat and protein, so I obliged with some more chicken and cashews.

The Boy took care of business in the dinner department and made yummy grilled pork chops with steamed cabbage, green beans and sweet potato. No picture because I was delirious!

Lastnight we went to see Lincoln. It was good, but a bit 'Speilberg' for me (ie. schmaltzy). Amazing acting and very interesting historically, but it was long and I was achy! Still, worth a look if you like you history - I know you're a cerebral bunch!

Yesterday's eats were a slight departure from the norm. What can I say, I was feelin' frisky!

Fried egg with chicken and root veg was a tasty and very filling start.

Sardines sure tasted good but did stink the office out a little. I added some olives for kicks.

This apple wasn't enough to get rid of the fishy taste so I went for a walk and got some breath freshener! It was a grey day, but not too cold and there were loads of little birds around tweeting away and eating worms... more signs of spring!

Dinner was a new recipe - trout and cashew nut salad. It was really good and the dressing was fabulous. It's going on the rotation. I added some salad leaves to get a bit of green in there.


When I first woke up I thought it was Friday... I know I shouldn't be wishing my life away!

Yep, you guessed it, trout for breakfast! Loving a bit of parsnip, too.

It was a gorgeous sunny day here and BC and I walked to a local pub to meet some friends for lunch. I took a photo on my phone but it didn't upload to my iPad. Meh. It was a simple chicken salad with bacon, but very tasty and generous with the chicken.
When we got home Andy and I went for a long walk, I bought a bottle of red and made us salmon and ginger broth with pak choy. It was hot!

Time to open that wine...
Do you celebrate Valentine's?
A card and a little treat is enough. And spending time together.

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