Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekend wrap-up

It was a fairly low-key weekend, but I seemed to take a ton of pictures! So, I'm going to whizz through them because I have a chicken roasting in the oven and episodes of Breaking Bad to watch. I know you'd rather I'm honest, right?!


Since not really enjoying the shop-bought guacamole the other day, I've been craving the real thing like no one's business, so I mixed me some up to serve with leftover burger and some salad for lunch. I just Googled a recipe and picked the simplest! Avocado, tomato, coriander, onion, lime, chilli.

Then an orange on the sofa hanging with my honey before we hit the shops. In the rain, of course. It rained allllllll weekend.

I was peckish when we got back so had a little taster plate of smoked salmon, carrot and olives to tide me over to...

Indian dinner time! First, a gin and tonic to whet the appetite.

This lime pickle was fabulous - fresh and zippy with just the right heat. We had two bowls.

No rice for me - I ordered veggie sides of okra and cauliflower bhajis - so fragrant and delicately spiced. They were a hit with the whole table, but don't worry, I made sure I had plenty!
And the main event was a 'fairly' hot Bengali dish with scallops and prawns. I'm loving scallops at the moment and this didn't dissapoint. I woulda licked that bowl if I could. Two more G&Ts to wash it down. A lovely evening.

When we got back I couldn't resist sampling some dairy free dark chocolate we got from a fabulous artisan chocolate shop called Coco earlier in the day. It was really really good. I managed to stick to four buttons.

Another successful Saturday purchase. More signs of spring!

Bacon, mushroom, sprout and onion frittata to start the day right.

Then I went for a walk and got completely drenched. But, the choice was that or be stuck indoors all day!
Not sure why this picture is so blurry... Smoked salmon and avocado salad lunch... Lidl smoked salmon is the best, by the way. No crap in it.

Later that afternoon we went to Andy's parent's for a roast pork dinner, which was gorgeous. It was also lovely to see his mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece (phew!).

I resisted strudel and bread and butter pudding for dessert, but did try some homemade flapjacks. I wasn't sure what my first oats in months would do to my tummy, but I was fine!

No pictures of the family gathering. They think the fact I don't eat dessert or Yorkshire Pudding is weird enough... gotta ease 'em in gentle like.

We got back quite late, but I'd promised the boss peppermint creams... And I provided. Leftover melted dark chocolate from Coco was put to good use as peppermint chocolate buttons.

Best batch yet! Try them yourself.

Let's check on those daffs...

Frittata. Bacon. Veggies.
Mackerel salad.

Cox apple.

Snow. Walk. Chores. Roast chicken dinner about to be devoured.
Monday? Done.
Strudel or Bread and Butter pudding?