Thursday, 7 February 2013

Under the weather

Life has caught up with me my friends and I appear to be suffering from what I can only call a general malaise. You know, when the days starts off okay, but as it goes on your throat feels scratchy, your glands are tender and your head is all fuzzy. By home time you feel pretty crappy, but then okay again the next morning.

Well, I've tried to soldier on this week but finally gave in tonight and listened to my body. It was really hard as I desperately wanted to got to bootcamp tonight but the rain sealed the deal - I do not want to be full-blown ill for the weekend! I'm my own worst enemy and very tough on myself. I need to remember that sometimes doing nothing is okay!


It was dairy reintroduction day on the Whole 30, so I added a big dollop of full fat Greek yoghurt to my breakfast of baked salmon and roasted veg. There was also a side of Black Forest berries. Yum! I do love the thick, creaminess of Greek yoghurt and it went down well.

I worked from home Tuesday. The morning flew by on conference calls and I was ready for lunch in the sunshine at 12 prompt. Smoked salmon this time (using stuff up!) with avocado, beetroot, tomatoes, a carrot and more greek yoghurt. All drizzled with EVOO and balsamic. Fresh, light and tasty.

I went for a little walk to make sure my soul was fed, too.

In the afternoon I craved something warm and soothing, so made myself a coconut milk cocoa. Bad move. It made me feel sick :S I'm not sure what it was, but the coconut milk did have some E numbers and sulphites in it. Fail.
Before I knew it it was time to pack up for the day and admire this sky.

Then, as per Whole 30 guidelines, I made myself a pre-workout snack while cooking dinner - a boiled egg and a handful of almonds. Otherwise known as protein and fat. Then I walked to Real Military Fitness. It was fantastic! Just the challenge I've been looking for.
The people were really nice. It was hard work but the hour flew by and I walked home feeling like a rock star! We did some weights, interval running and circuit-style moves like squats, lunges etc. It was non-stop. I really wanted to make it again tonight... Next week!
Demolished this chicken soup when I got in!

The final part of dairy day was a bit of dark chocolate. My verdict? Meh. Not missed it.

The last salmon fillet, a HUGE egg and some veggies fuelled me up for the day. Oh, and an apple!

And this cheered me up! A colleague who recently left the team sent us all individualised cupcakes. Mine was a cookery one. I mean, how thoughtful! It's adorable! After admiring it, I gave it to BC to devour. I ain't ready for that sugar hit just yet!

I ate this instead. Chicken salad. Simples and effective.

Hello, plum.
This was the day I started to feel icky, but I still ventured out for my walk.
These bushes always remind me of that fashionable two-tone hair look... No? Okay. I felt worn out on my return but no worse really.

I was entertaining in the evening so got to choppin'. Shop bought guacamole and monterey jack cheese and chilli dips. I tried a bit of each but stuff like this just tastes so processed to me now.

The main event - grilled ribeye steak, chilli sweet potato slices and Luann's kale salad.

I passed on pudding but said yes to Prosecco. Only three little glasses...
Woke up at 5.30 and couldn't get back to sleep, but felt a bit better. However, today I've been more mentally out of sorts. I put it down to this being the longest winter ever. I need light! And sun!
Chicken, roast veg and chilli sweet potatoes and a tasty, tasty apple perked me up somewhat.

Meetings all morning, then light relief of lunch with BC. Sardine salad. It was okay, nothing spesh.

Then we went for a walk and it was frickin' freezing! As home time drew nearer I felt worse again and admitted defeat on the drive home. It's a rest night. Sigh. I'd had this mini bowl of chicken soup ready for a pre-workout snack. Instead it became comfort food.

The Boy is making dinner tonight - prawn omelette, and then we're going to relax. Ahhhh.
I am wondering if the dairy could have made me feel rough, but there is a lot of illness about at the moment, so the jury's out. Tomorrow I try peanut butter!
If you feel under the weather do you power through or take a break?
My instinct is power through, but I'm slowly learning that doesn't always work out in the long run.