Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tulips and Gherkins

Random title, but sums up the last couple of days. Here's the proof...

Tulips bought on a walk with The Boy lastnight.

The Gherkin, which I walked past on a quick trip to London this morning. I don't know why, but it made me smile.

A window I walk past on the way home from Lidl all the time and have been wanting to share for ages.
This house changes it's window display with the seasons! The first time I saw it they had a creepy house display, with little model houses with lights inside. Then, for Valentine's they had hearts and cupids. Now they have a Dutch theme. I HEART THIS! More to come, hopefully!
So, I'm a bit washed out after a 5am start today, but went to a really good breakfast meeting about social engagement at work in London earlier. Yes, I can legitimately talk about Twitter as part of my job! It got me all fired up about work, which is always good, and it was nice to take a walk through the city on the way back to the train.
So, I worked from home for the rest of the afternoon and am now having an internal struggle over going to bootcamp tonight... it's FREEZING today and I'm tired BUT I know it will make me feel better... to be continued...
So, here's the eats since Monday night...
Winner winner, roast chicken dinner.

Mackerel and veggies for Tuesday breakfast ('Wot, no fritatta?!')

Leftover roast chook and kale salad for lunch with BC.

Two golden plums. And a very cold, brisk walk.

Homemade burgers with onion, garlic and parsley, sweet potato coins with chilli flakes and cabbage salad for dinner. Yum!

Gala apple.

'Takeaway' chicken frittata for breakfast on the train at *cough* 6.30 this morning.

Leftover burger and cabbage salad on the train home.

Juicy pear.
Tomorrow, my friends, is Friday! Wooooooooooo! We have a work night out at a Mexican place. I'll report back on Saturday.
What theme would you put in your window?!
Hmm, maybe a seaside one? With seagulls suspended from the ceiling and some pretty shells... and a starfish... Am I thinking about this too much?!


  1. have fun at the mexican dinner tonight!! and i love tulips- those are so pretty

    1. Thank you, it was delicious! One too many glasses of wine but I'm recovering on the sofa with water and tea!