Saturday, 9 February 2013

Time to head East

Morning Poppets. I hope this weekend finds you happy and relaxed, or at least starting to get there after a long working week? The forecast here is rain today and tomorrow, which is a shame as I'd planned a long walk tomorrow but we've postponed it as we don't fancy four hours of being bombarded with drizzle. Oh well, the show must go on!


I'm feeling much better after taking it easy on Thursday - proof that I need to listen to my body sometimes. The Boy very kindly made dinner and lunch for the next day, so I was able to totally chill.

Dinner was simple and effective - prawn omelette - omelettes are his speciality! A bit of leftover Luann's kale salad on the side. The prawns were HUGE, but a teeny bit salty.

We watched Utopia and had an early night.
Our omelette pan is, sadly, past its best after getting a bit scratched up, so I had to improvise and make my roasted veggie frittata in a saucepan. Not ideal, but it still tasted okay!
Today was peanut butter reintroduction day... a momentous occasion. I decided to have it with apple slices, but it didn't taste right. So then I just ate it plain and...

Didn't enjoy it! Whole 30, what have you done to me?! It just tasted 'off', and the texture was so claggy. Not fussed at all. Plus it made me feel burpy after and gave me a tummy ache. It is crazy how these foods that used to be staples affect me now! So, PB is out. Luckily I got through most of my stockpile pre-Whole 30.
It was a gorgeous, but frickin' freezin', sunny day and I felt better, so life was good at work. I was hungry all morning, so extra happy to dig in to these coconut prawns and kale salad, prepared by The Boy. The prawns were less salty with the coconut. Mmmm mmm.

I took a walk to buy a new omelette pan (emergency!) and a wooden spatula to use with it so someone (ahem) doesn't scratch it up again with the metal one!

Another working week done, I got home and went for a walk. My new challenge is 70000 steps a week, but it's hard to get out of the 10000 a day mindset! I was under 10000 two days this week and didn't like it (only by 500 on one day). Hard on myself much?!

While I was out I heard a crash and a crunching noise and assumed someone had crashed their car in to a sign or post. When I looked over I saw they'd hit someone on a motorbike, who was lying on the ground. I hadn't witnessed what happened and checked to make sure people were calling for ambulance, so I carried on after as I didn't want to just stand around gawking. It shook me up, though. I hope they're okay. I just thought, someone's at home waiting for that person... Horrible.

When I got back I got to prepping homemade burgers and sprouts and sweet potatoes to roast to go on the side.

After 20 minutes of roasting the veggies I went to give them a little shake. They were stone cold, and I realised I'd turned the top oven on and put them in the bottom one! I was so annoyed with myself as I was really hungry! So, I turned the correct oven on and turned to the Prosecco to see me through! I had a glass-full left from Wednesday. It still tasted good and fizzed and left me a little light-headed. Enough to distract me from food for a bit anyway. Win!

Before I knew it it was burger time. I made four of these babies - Andy had two and I saved one for lunch. I used 500g of minced/ground beef and mixed in half a finely chopped onion, some pressed garlic and some chopped parsley/cilantro. I added some seasoning, mixed it all up with my hands and made four patties. I stuck them under the grill for about 15 minutes and they were well cooked through. Maybe a little overdone, but good. Served with those tardy veggies. Lovely.

So, here I am blogging and waiting for the food shopping to arrive. I got up around 7 this morning and made myself some fried eggs in my new pan to go with the leftover veg from lastnight.

It wasn't raining too heavily yet, so I took the opportunity to get out for a walk and managed 4.2 miles, with a trip to the butcher thrown in. I also saw these beauties having their morning wash.
Today's agenda is a trip to the shops for chocolate, cards and toiletries and then an Indian meal with friends tonight which I am really looking forward to. Let's head east! But, first things first, I'm craving homemade guacamole to go with that leftover burger...
What's on your Saturday agenda?

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