Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sunshine Saturday

Here I am, sitting in my study (okay, spare bedroom!) with the sun on my back, writing my blog... Ahh, bliss.

It's been a nice couple of days around here - blue skies, sunshine, yummy food and, today, lots of relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered.

Talking of which... Valentine's Day ended with two small glasses of Merlot and four dairy-free dark chocolate buttons from Coco. I heart those buttons. And I heart the fact that I can stop at four even more. Thank you, Whole 30! You may have ruined peanut butter for me (sob) but you've redeemed dark chocolate, which I was convinced I'd have to strike off the Christmas card list.

 Friday bowled along, and not a moment too soon. I don't know what it is lately, but the weeks are dragging... no doubt because they know I'm not holidaying until May. However, we did cheer ourselves up this week by booking in a mini-break in March to go and visit my brother at the hotel he runs in Tunbridge Wells. I love it there, and I love him, of course, so it will be great, plus it gives me something to aim for!

Breakfast was roast vegetables and baked salmon. I find salmon nice and filling in this form.

Lunch was coconut prawns with Luann's kale salad. We make the prawns coconutty by dipping them in egg white, then desiccated coconut and frying them in coconut oil. Addictive.

I then went for a trip to the autoshop with BC to check out her bust exhaust and walked back via the scenic route in the sunshine.
The afternoon could not go by quick enough because... I was going for tapas with my honey! I did my usual trick of looking at the menu online and planing my dinner, because I like to make a day of these things!
We are very lucky to have a ton of great restaurants literally on our doorstep, and when the time came, we strolled down to Nicholsons. I've been to this privately-owned little haven a few times now and always had a great time and a tasty dinner. They're so popular they recently doubled in size, yet they were still having to turn diners away the whole time we were there. I love that these little local places get the recognition and patronage they deserve.
So, to the eats! I ordered white anchovies, marinated pork skewers and grilled vegetables, and shared some spinach with raisins and pine nuts with The Boy. Oh my, it was good. Those veggies are to die for, unctuous with olive oil and seasoning... the spinach was fresh and sweet with the raisins... I'm not a major pork fan, but their skewers are just soooo succulent and tasty, balanced by the piquancy of the anchovies.


All washed down with a bottle of Malbec between us. I had three small (125 ml) glasses. It was Andy's first drink for 46 days (I know!) and went down very well.
After dinner we parted ways... Don't worry, we didn't argue over the bill! Andy has gone to Kosovo and Macedonia for a few days and was heading to stay over at his friend's, ready for an early flight. I headed home and tucked in to a Royal Gala apple sprinkled with cinnamon and a couple of dark chocolate buttons on my return.

Fell asleep during Breaking Bad and trotted off to bed.
I woke up around 6.30 and that was it. As usual, I had breakfast on my mind. Smoked salmon frittata was the dish of the day, with some berries on the side.

Then I went for a long stroll by the sea. There was lots to take in today, including a gaggle of Canada geese on the water, with more arriving by air. I'm noticing more and more birds of all kinds around lately. It made me think of my late Grandmother. She loved birds and could name all the types she attracted to he garden with her feeders and baths. I was never that interested, but I'm starting to get it now... Yep, I'm getting old! And, I quite like it! I can't wait to get my garden up and running for summer.

On the way back I grabbed the Saturday papers and some meat from the butcher. I'd hit 10000 steps before 10am!
Come 12pm I was hungry and got out the last of the baked salmon and made a tasty salad.

Now it's 2pm and I fancy another Redbush tea. 
Whenever the sun is out I feel I must get out and make the most of it. But today I kind of feel like chilling out indoors. It's an internal struggle but I'm reminding myself of how often I dream of relaxing about the house with no plans or agenda. So, when the opportunity presents itself, why do I feel guilty?!
My friend BC is over later for steak, wine and a Girls and The Girl TV catch-up fest and I'm thinking of checking out the local farmer's market tomorrow. Happy Saturday.
Do you feel guilty doing nothing?
I never used to... age again!

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