Sunday, 3 February 2013

Spring Watch

Good news! I spotted indisputable evidence that the months of darkness are coming to a close this morning...

Whadya mean you don't see anything? Look again...

Crocuses! (Crocii?!). Little yellow specks of hope. Cheered me up no end on a grey, cold, windy walk along the seafront.
Yesterday was a good day all in all. After my morning chores and walk I tucked in to this huge and very tasty roast chicken salad while bathing in the glow of the winter sun.
My dining room is south-facing, so gets the sun for most of the day. I often hang out in there on a sunny day, and that's where The Boy found me when he got back from doing some stuff in town.
We chilled for a bit, went to the butcher and I had a snooze in the afternoon before Andy left for a gig. I then popped to the shop to get some bits we'd not had in our online food shopping order, and made it to 15000 steps for the day. I also bought a lottery ticket. Our numbers did not come up. Boo.
This little number had its charm though. I made Shepherd's Pie recently and froze a couple of portions for leftovers. It was sooooo good! It's based on a BBC Good Food recipe but I replaced the potato with a mix of sweet potato and swede. I steamed some red cabbage and green beans to join it. Lovely stuff and very hearty and warming.

I followed it with an orange. Just 'cos. My fruit basket is overflowing at the moment - I love food shopping day, when you're fully stocked up.
Then came the prize. Well, two prizes. BC turned up to tell me all about her amazing trip to Australia and I had my first alcoholic drink in over a month! A nice glass of red. In fact, I had two small glasses. They were good. And, apart from making me feel sleepy, didn't seem to cause any ill effects.
I woke up today feeling fine, although while out walking I developed a bit of a tummy ache that's lingering. Not conclusive evidence. Will have to see if it happens again.
We watched Girls and caught up on all the gossip.
This morning it was time to crack out the breakfast frittata I prepared lastnight. For how to make this, check the comments section of yesterday's post. Just as good second time around. My mouth watered as I ate it!

Take a closer look. Drooling yet?

I relaxed in front of Frasier for a bit then donned my coat and hat for a walk. Plans for the rest of the day? Ironing, cooking a lamb stew with cider, seeing my Mum and then off to the cinema to see Zero Dark Thirty. Phew. Better crack on!
Have you seen any signs of spring yet?

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