Sunday, 17 February 2013

Green and yellow

Lots of colour in today's post, my little rays of sunshine, but first a public service announcement... No need to guess at when my next blog post is going to arrive - just sign up to email alerts by popping your li'l ole email address in the box to the left. Go on, treat yourself!

The sunshine delivered on it's promise and has kept on going all weekend long. It's been truly blissful, and, at 5.45pm is only just now dipping over the horizon. Ooh, it just makes me sooooo happy. Maybe it's the Greek in me yearning for it.

Talking of yearning, I needed a snack to tide me over to din dins during my lazy afternoon yesterday. Long, snoozy afternoons always make me snacky. So, I had a mini meal around 4pm of smoked salmon, tomatoes, olives and beetroot.

It wasn't long until BC pitched up with a pineapple, some macadamia nuts and a bottle of wine from the Margaret River region of Western Australia. Check out the yellow and green scene...

Margaret River holds a special place in both our hearts, 'cos BC just visited and I went there three years ago. Its a town and region where they make gorgeous wine. The landscape is like the Mediterranean and life is sweet and carefree... It's also the place where I first found out you could drink red wine chilled. A Lenton Brae Late Harvest Cabernet, to be precise. What I wouldn't do to sip that again...
Here was the lunch laid on at another winery I visited... sigh...
Meanwhile, back on earth, I'd cooked us up a grilled rib eye steak dinner with a side of root vegetable chips and steamed green beans. The meal was based on a recipe from The Little Paris Cook Book by Rachel Khoo. A book to inspire life envy if ever I saw one.
I prefer grilling to pan-frying my rib eye lately, I find it makes for a more even cook. For medium rare I do 5 minutes on one side and flip for 4 minutes on the other. Perfection and easy to slice in to.

It wasn't long until I sliced in to that sweet, sweet pineapple. Remind me why I ever buy pre-sliced exotic fruit? This tasted so much better, and it's a lot cheaper to buy the whole fruit. Note to self.

We had a TV catch-up marathon, watching two episodes of Girls (fun), The Girl (not great, but nice to look at) and a documentary called Dreams of a Life (odd). We got to bed at 1am - really late for me nowadays and I've felt the effects all day!
This morning I cracked a couple of eggs for my frittata and noticed after that one had a double-yolk! Is that good luck or something?!

More green and yellow, with little yellow plums to match the yolks. I like to make it pretty for ya, see.

After I saw BC off safely, I trotted off to the farmer's market and marvelled at the blue skies and warm sun all the way.

Sadly there was nothing that caught my eye enough to buy at the market, but I had a hankering for an iced Americano with a bit of cream, so I got one. And it was good. First iced coffee of 2013!

I also bought a book from a charity shop - I've decided I need an internet distraction of an evening, so I bought A Visit from the Goon Squad. I started it this afternoon sitting in the sunny armchair in the dining room. It's good so far...

The walk home... Too many people around though. Where have they been all winter, huh? Now they're all out by my beach, promenading on a Sunday! Tsk!

I was famished when I got in, so made a smoked salmon and avocado salad stat. Side of Gala apple with cinnamon.

It's been a chilled afternoon. I'm debating another quick walk before the evening proper kicks in...

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How was the weather where you are this weekend? Signs of spring?


  1. both your omlet and your iced coffee look terrific! 1am is really late for me nowadays too- im usually in bed by 10!

    1. Late nights just wipe me out! That coffee was really good... mmm. Better not make a habit of it - one summer I became addicted to Starbucks frapuccinos. I'm convinced they lace them with crack!