Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feel the fear

Happy Wednesday! Today I got something I haven't been looking forward to out of the way at work, so I'm feeling relieved. It wasn't even a big deal, but it involved relying on technology and doing so in front of a lot of people, and that freaks me out. Especially as it's gone wrong in the past! I told myself beforehand that even if it all went wrong it wouldn't be the end of the worl by any means. But, it still freaked me out, and now it's over and I survived. Yay!

Phew! So, where shall we begin...

Monday's fabulous roast chicken dinner with roast parsnips and sweet potatoes and steamed brocolli and carrots did triple duty.

As a vegetable side to my smoked mackerel and fried egg breakfast on Tuesday.

And as a roast chicken filling in my salad, too. Now that's a value-added dinner.

A golden pear to top it off then a walk to the shops with The Boy.

When I got home it was snack time, 'cos Real Military Fitness demands it. Smoked salmon and seriously tasty roasted and salted macadamia nuts BC brought back from Oz.

Ooh, bootcamp was tough. When you're lying on the ground in a car park in the dark and freezing cold, thinking it's blessed relief, you know you're being worked like a mother. Got to love it.
Luckily, The Boy took care of business in the kitchen and I came home to baked smoked cod with omelette and steamed kale and green beans. It was really nice, although the taste of the cod was a little stronger than I would have liked. Protein a go-go, though. Rebuild that muscle.

A Gala apple finished things off nicely. Ooh, look at our pretty radio.
Wednesday morning starting with aching limbs, lumbago and a smoked salmon frittata. And, of course, the fear.

Post web-conference celebration lunch - a riotously colourful tuna salad with black olives, sweet sweet relief and...
...some bonus blueberries from a colleague. She thought they tasted funny, I thought, free fruit! Tasted good to me!

After a lunchtime walk and some schlepping around the office today, I only had 2000 steps to do to make my target when I got home, so I took a little walk to the new Co-op convenience store that's opened nearby. I was impressed. The chiller cabinets all have doors on to cut CO2 emissions. Simple but effective!
Back to the fear, here's a dinner that might freak out many a lesser man, but I'm lucky Andy is in to stuff others run from. Pan-fried lambs liver with onion and mushrooms, accompanied by steamed brussels sprouts, carrots and nuked sweet potato. I love liver! And at 90p for two portions, so should you.

And on that bombshell...
An apple.

The end.
Liver? Thoughts?
Tasty, cheap, nutritious.

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