Monday, 4 February 2013

Duty Bound

Hello, my little bloglets, me again! What can I say - the good eats just keep coming and I feel it's my duty to share!


In a bid not to waste any smoked salmon, I made a light lunch with it accompanied by avocado, tomatoes and beetroot drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. The flavours blended perfectly. I only wanted a small meal as we were having an early dinner to get to the cinema for 6pm.

I rounded the meal out with a plum. My fruit bowl overfloweth!

My Mum and her boyf were on their way over in a bit, so I caught up on the second and final part of a fabulous BBC wildlife documentary called Kangaroo Dundee. If you love animals WATCH IT on the iPlayer. It had me sobbing! I went upstairs to a non-plussed Andy bawling my eyes out!
I recovered in time for my Mum to arrive and we got to catching up and planning my new garden - I'm extremely lucky that my Mum's partner is a landscape gardener, so he's going to make it all pretty for me. Can't wait *prays for a decent summer*! I've been saving up all winter to make it nice.
It was so lovely to see them, but all too quickly it was time for them to get back to the dogs and us to wolf down our dinner of Lamb Stew with Cider. Ooh, yeah. This was made with the lovely cheap cut known as lamb neck. Very tasty and simple to make. Sweet potato on the side.

I grabbed half of a gorgeous, juicy, perfectly ripe pear for the road, then off we trotted to see Zero Dark Thirty, which was very good and made me see the assassination of Bin Laden in a whole new light. Gripping stuff, even though you knew how it ended!
We got home in time for me to enjoy some of the leftover Savannah Dry cider from dinner, and it went down very well. Cider is on the list!

Two fried eggs, roasted veggies and the other half of that beautiful pear for breakfast.

A sunny, productive morning, then lunch with BC in the canteen. Mackerel salad, but too many bones!

Plum, styled by BC. Then a walk and discussions about future fun...

I got The Boy to drop me off at the shop on the way home to get some bits and walked the rest of the way home, then did a bit of cleaning. Rewarded self with this:

Salmon and ginger broth with pak choy. I also added samphire. Oh yes, I did. A light and fresh supper, perfect for a Monday night and quick!
A lovely weekend and not a bad little Monday, all in all. Off to Bootcamp after work tomorrow so probably no bloggin' for a day or two as have friends over for dinner on Wednesday... Have a good week and catch you later!
What's your go-to quick dinner?
Either today's or chicken soup. I love me a soup!

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