Monday, 25 February 2013

Delayed reaction

Well hey there, how ya doin'? Good weekend? Made it through Monday okay? All's good here in the CCL hood. Just done my chores and got a chicken roasting in the oven... Let's get to it!

Saturday ended very nicely indeed. We had a gorgeous Indian meal at India Gate in Chichester with my even more gorgeous Mum and her boyfriend.

I went for a coconut fish curry called Meen Molee. It was amazing - sea bass in curry leaves, coconut, onion, garlic and chilli. It was sweet yet spicy, with bits of cardamom and cloves infusing it with flavour. Big thumbs up. I also had a little Indian spiced sausage to start, like a kebab, and some cauliflower bhaji and veggies on the side.

Then Andy and I trotted off to see Argo, his Valentine treat from me. We went to a really cute independent cinema in Chichester where we could have a nice cup of tea before the start and you don't have to take out a second mortgage for a snack! The film was really enjoyable and Ben Affleck looked hot! Win!
Sunday morning I woke up starving, as per. I decided to deviate from the usual frittata, mainly because I had no veg prepped, and had scrambled eggs with steamed kale and fried mushrooms. It was good but didn't really fill me up...

...despite having an apple after while I watched Frasier and chilled with the sheep..., come 12pm and post a walk to Lidl, I tucked in to this beast of a salad made up of smoked trout, sweet potato, avocado and lots of veg.

I was feeling rather washed out, so had a little snooze before we headed out to meet friends for tea and cake at the Tenth Hole. I had a hot chocolate, a redbush tea and a bit of Andy's fruit sponge you can see there, next to his rainbow jumper. All were mighty good!

Then we popped by to see my friend's adorable newborn, Felix, after, then scurried home in the freezing cold to get cosy for the evening.
Grilled rib eye steak with kale salad and sweet potato 'chips' was on the menu. Simple and very effective.

Followed by an orange. Check those beautiful tulips. Loving fresh flowers right now - they can't fail to cheer.
It continued to be a hungry day, and after eating a few dairy free dark chocolate buttons while reading my new book Star of the Sea, I tucked in to some leftover milk chocolate from Christmas. Not a major amount, but more than I needed. Then I fell asleep watching Breaking Bad and got all cranky!
I realised it all traced back to drinking a bit more than I should have Friday night, sleeping badly, still getting up early and having a busy day Saturday and then not having my usual long Sunday walk. It all added up to a tired and moody me craving sugar on Sunday night. Lesson learned and duly noted!
So, today I was back to healthy ways with a smoked salmon frittata and some berries for breakfast.

Mackerel salad and an ice-cold walk with BC for lunch. There was also a pear.

Then a stroll after work before coming home to clean and get that chicken in the oven. Normal service has resumed, people.
What did you get up to yesterday? Lazy Sunday eating chocolate?

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