Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A little reunion

So, I was totally planning on going to my bootcamp class tonight, but it dawned on me during the day that if I did I would get hardly any time with The Boy this evening after he returned from his Eastern European trip. So, I'm switching to Thursday for exercise and opting for time together tonight. There's lots to catch up on! Speaking of which...

Sunday ended with a little walk, a lot of reading and the last of the frozen Shepherd's Pie. I heart it soooo much. I need to make me another batch.

It's based on this recipe, but with mushrooms added in and a sweet potato and swede topping.
Monday morning rolled around, as it does, and I made myself a couple of sunny side-uppers to match the weather. Black forest fruits and roast veggies on the side. Gosh darn it those butcher's eggs are the shiz.

I usually stick BBC Breakfast news on in the morning, but it was all weird with a different presenter yesterday which was confusing at 6.15 on a Monday! Turns out the journos were on strike, so they put an antiques programme on instead! It meant Radio 4 was up the spout, too, so I listened to a Balanced Bites podcast on the way to work. It made a nice change.

 Lunch was a perrenial favourite - mackerel salad, with some black olives added for a change.

Glorious sunshine beckoned and I went and said hello to the ducks.
And the commute home was somewhat redeemed by this lush sky...

A bit of housework, another little walk by the sea and I was ready to tuck in to curried fish soup with cabbage, carrot and samphire. So fresh and spicy. A lovely Gala apple sprinkled with cinnamon rounded out the meal.

Later I treated myself to a small glass of red and a dark chocolate button and watched Girls and read too late. I love it when I get in to a book!
Today was the usual veggie frittata start but with some mackerel flaked on top. Love the way it melts in under the grill *drools*

Lunch was some of that curried fish from the soup in a nice salad to which I added some chopped dates and cashews for fits and giggles.

And a very-slightly-underripe-but-good-nonetheless-pear. Phew!

The sun still very much had his hat on, so I went out to play and then made up for no bootcamp this evening by walking to the shops for carrots and a lottery ticket. Wild!
Now time to snuggle with The Boy and get back to that book...
PS Someone who Googled the phrase 'sprouts after breakfast' got directed to my blog. Love it!
What book are you reading right now? Any you'd recommend while I'm on a roll?

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