Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feel the fear

Happy Wednesday! Today I got something I haven't been looking forward to out of the way at work, so I'm feeling relieved. It wasn't even a big deal, but it involved relying on technology and doing so in front of a lot of people, and that freaks me out. Especially as it's gone wrong in the past! I told myself beforehand that even if it all went wrong it wouldn't be the end of the worl by any means. But, it still freaked me out, and now it's over and I survived. Yay!

Phew! So, where shall we begin...

Monday's fabulous roast chicken dinner with roast parsnips and sweet potatoes and steamed brocolli and carrots did triple duty.

As a vegetable side to my smoked mackerel and fried egg breakfast on Tuesday.

And as a roast chicken filling in my salad, too. Now that's a value-added dinner.

A golden pear to top it off then a walk to the shops with The Boy.

When I got home it was snack time, 'cos Real Military Fitness demands it. Smoked salmon and seriously tasty roasted and salted macadamia nuts BC brought back from Oz.

Ooh, bootcamp was tough. When you're lying on the ground in a car park in the dark and freezing cold, thinking it's blessed relief, you know you're being worked like a mother. Got to love it.
Luckily, The Boy took care of business in the kitchen and I came home to baked smoked cod with omelette and steamed kale and green beans. It was really nice, although the taste of the cod was a little stronger than I would have liked. Protein a go-go, though. Rebuild that muscle.

A Gala apple finished things off nicely. Ooh, look at our pretty radio.
Wednesday morning starting with aching limbs, lumbago and a smoked salmon frittata. And, of course, the fear.

Post web-conference celebration lunch - a riotously colourful tuna salad with black olives, sweet sweet relief and...
...some bonus blueberries from a colleague. She thought they tasted funny, I thought, free fruit! Tasted good to me!

After a lunchtime walk and some schlepping around the office today, I only had 2000 steps to do to make my target when I got home, so I took a little walk to the new Co-op convenience store that's opened nearby. I was impressed. The chiller cabinets all have doors on to cut CO2 emissions. Simple but effective!
Back to the fear, here's a dinner that might freak out many a lesser man, but I'm lucky Andy is in to stuff others run from. Pan-fried lambs liver with onion and mushrooms, accompanied by steamed brussels sprouts, carrots and nuked sweet potato. I love liver! And at 90p for two portions, so should you.

And on that bombshell...
An apple.

The end.
Liver? Thoughts?
Tasty, cheap, nutritious.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Delayed reaction

Well hey there, how ya doin'? Good weekend? Made it through Monday okay? All's good here in the CCL hood. Just done my chores and got a chicken roasting in the oven... Let's get to it!

Saturday ended very nicely indeed. We had a gorgeous Indian meal at India Gate in Chichester with my even more gorgeous Mum and her boyfriend.

I went for a coconut fish curry called Meen Molee. It was amazing - sea bass in curry leaves, coconut, onion, garlic and chilli. It was sweet yet spicy, with bits of cardamom and cloves infusing it with flavour. Big thumbs up. I also had a little Indian spiced sausage to start, like a kebab, and some cauliflower bhaji and veggies on the side.

Then Andy and I trotted off to see Argo, his Valentine treat from me. We went to a really cute independent cinema in Chichester where we could have a nice cup of tea before the start and you don't have to take out a second mortgage for a snack! The film was really enjoyable and Ben Affleck looked hot! Win!
Sunday morning I woke up starving, as per. I decided to deviate from the usual frittata, mainly because I had no veg prepped, and had scrambled eggs with steamed kale and fried mushrooms. It was good but didn't really fill me up...

...despite having an apple after while I watched Frasier and chilled with the sheep..., come 12pm and post a walk to Lidl, I tucked in to this beast of a salad made up of smoked trout, sweet potato, avocado and lots of veg.

I was feeling rather washed out, so had a little snooze before we headed out to meet friends for tea and cake at the Tenth Hole. I had a hot chocolate, a redbush tea and a bit of Andy's fruit sponge you can see there, next to his rainbow jumper. All were mighty good!

Then we popped by to see my friend's adorable newborn, Felix, after, then scurried home in the freezing cold to get cosy for the evening.
Grilled rib eye steak with kale salad and sweet potato 'chips' was on the menu. Simple and very effective.

Followed by an orange. Check those beautiful tulips. Loving fresh flowers right now - they can't fail to cheer.
It continued to be a hungry day, and after eating a few dairy free dark chocolate buttons while reading my new book Star of the Sea, I tucked in to some leftover milk chocolate from Christmas. Not a major amount, but more than I needed. Then I fell asleep watching Breaking Bad and got all cranky!
I realised it all traced back to drinking a bit more than I should have Friday night, sleeping badly, still getting up early and having a busy day Saturday and then not having my usual long Sunday walk. It all added up to a tired and moody me craving sugar on Sunday night. Lesson learned and duly noted!
So, today I was back to healthy ways with a smoked salmon frittata and some berries for breakfast.

Mackerel salad and an ice-cold walk with BC for lunch. There was also a pear.

Then a stroll after work before coming home to clean and get that chicken in the oven. Normal service has resumed, people.
What did you get up to yesterday? Lazy Sunday eating chocolate?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Keeping it real

Real Military Fitness that is. I made it there Thursday night and this morning. Yep, feeling pretty darned pleased with myself, especially as I was out on the town lastnight. It also means my Indian meal this evening will taste that bit sweeter knowing I earned it!

I hope you're having yourselves a fruitful little Saturday so far, too. But, for now, take a moment to relax, kick back and check out my eats and treats over the past few days...


So, I decided I was going to the bootcamp ball after all after some encouragement from my dear friends. I needed a little fuel before I set off so tucked in to smoked salmon and some almonds.

My friend was at the bootcamp class and we had a good laugh, which made the time fly by. It felt alot easier than the last session!
Back at base, I set about cooking this salmon recipe, which was just the ticket - light and fresh. Who knew anchovies, rosemary and salmon go together? I added some samphire for that seasidey vibe.


As it was practically the weekend I treated myself by topping my usual veggie frittata with some smoked salmon.

Lunch was some of that salmon I'd baked with Luann's kale salad, then a walk with DB. It was his birthday so I treated him to a stroll in my company in the FREEZING cold. There were little snowflakes and everything. I know, I'm too kind.

 Mustn't forget this golden nugget.
At 5pm we deserted the office ready for our team night out. It was two for one on cocktails at the restaurant, but I decided to stick to Sauvignon Blanc.

The plan was to stay within the NHS guidelines and have three 175ml glasses, but an extra one snuck in there somehow... still, I did okay!
Dinner at La Cantina was lush! Grilled red snapper with a chill and lime veggie stir fry and pan-fried chorizo and pico de gallo. I'd eat this again in a heartbeat - fresh, crunchy, tangy, salty.

I was a good girl and got a lift back quite early and a bit tipsy. Perfect!
Even a fairly modest (for me) amount of wine lead to broken sleep and dehydration, so I didn't wake up feeling my best. But, I soldiered on and decided food would help, as would tea. They did. Another smoked salmon frittata coming up!

I got an email saying bootcamp had changed to 9.30am from 10.00am, so I hopped to it and walked the 30 minutes to the meeting point. It is still bitterly cold, but I had a great session - it was just me and one other girl, so practically personal training for £4! The sun started to come out and we were working out by the sea - I realised how lucky I am to have this 'outdoor gym' on my doorstep.
I walked home happy but washed out... lack of sleep followed by jogging and lots of push-ups = afternoon snooze on the cards!
I refuelled with a prawn salad with sweet potato and now I'm off for a bit of pampering at the hairdresser.

Laters, Taters!
What are your plans for Saturday night?
Indian meal with my mum and her boyf and then seeing Argo at the cinema.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tulips and Gherkins

Random title, but sums up the last couple of days. Here's the proof...

Tulips bought on a walk with The Boy lastnight.

The Gherkin, which I walked past on a quick trip to London this morning. I don't know why, but it made me smile.

A window I walk past on the way home from Lidl all the time and have been wanting to share for ages.
This house changes it's window display with the seasons! The first time I saw it they had a creepy house display, with little model houses with lights inside. Then, for Valentine's they had hearts and cupids. Now they have a Dutch theme. I HEART THIS! More to come, hopefully!
So, I'm a bit washed out after a 5am start today, but went to a really good breakfast meeting about social engagement at work in London earlier. Yes, I can legitimately talk about Twitter as part of my job! It got me all fired up about work, which is always good, and it was nice to take a walk through the city on the way back to the train.
So, I worked from home for the rest of the afternoon and am now having an internal struggle over going to bootcamp tonight... it's FREEZING today and I'm tired BUT I know it will make me feel better... to be continued...
So, here's the eats since Monday night...
Winner winner, roast chicken dinner.

Mackerel and veggies for Tuesday breakfast ('Wot, no fritatta?!')

Leftover roast chook and kale salad for lunch with BC.

Two golden plums. And a very cold, brisk walk.

Homemade burgers with onion, garlic and parsley, sweet potato coins with chilli flakes and cabbage salad for dinner. Yum!

Gala apple.

'Takeaway' chicken frittata for breakfast on the train at *cough* 6.30 this morning.

Leftover burger and cabbage salad on the train home.

Juicy pear.
Tomorrow, my friends, is Friday! Wooooooooooo! We have a work night out at a Mexican place. I'll report back on Saturday.
What theme would you put in your window?!
Hmm, maybe a seaside one? With seagulls suspended from the ceiling and some pretty shells... and a starfish... Am I thinking about this too much?!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A little reunion

So, I was totally planning on going to my bootcamp class tonight, but it dawned on me during the day that if I did I would get hardly any time with The Boy this evening after he returned from his Eastern European trip. So, I'm switching to Thursday for exercise and opting for time together tonight. There's lots to catch up on! Speaking of which...

Sunday ended with a little walk, a lot of reading and the last of the frozen Shepherd's Pie. I heart it soooo much. I need to make me another batch.

It's based on this recipe, but with mushrooms added in and a sweet potato and swede topping.
Monday morning rolled around, as it does, and I made myself a couple of sunny side-uppers to match the weather. Black forest fruits and roast veggies on the side. Gosh darn it those butcher's eggs are the shiz.

I usually stick BBC Breakfast news on in the morning, but it was all weird with a different presenter yesterday which was confusing at 6.15 on a Monday! Turns out the journos were on strike, so they put an antiques programme on instead! It meant Radio 4 was up the spout, too, so I listened to a Balanced Bites podcast on the way to work. It made a nice change.

 Lunch was a perrenial favourite - mackerel salad, with some black olives added for a change.

Glorious sunshine beckoned and I went and said hello to the ducks.
And the commute home was somewhat redeemed by this lush sky...

A bit of housework, another little walk by the sea and I was ready to tuck in to curried fish soup with cabbage, carrot and samphire. So fresh and spicy. A lovely Gala apple sprinkled with cinnamon rounded out the meal.

Later I treated myself to a small glass of red and a dark chocolate button and watched Girls and read too late. I love it when I get in to a book!
Today was the usual veggie frittata start but with some mackerel flaked on top. Love the way it melts in under the grill *drools*

Lunch was some of that curried fish from the soup in a nice salad to which I added some chopped dates and cashews for fits and giggles.

And a very-slightly-underripe-but-good-nonetheless-pear. Phew!

The sun still very much had his hat on, so I went out to play and then made up for no bootcamp this evening by walking to the shops for carrots and a lottery ticket. Wild!
Now time to snuggle with The Boy and get back to that book...
PS Someone who Googled the phrase 'sprouts after breakfast' got directed to my blog. Love it!
What book are you reading right now? Any you'd recommend while I'm on a roll?