Thursday, 10 January 2013

Zoned out

A very good Thursday evening to you. Tomorrow is Friday. We've nearly made it through the first full week back! Woop! Right, let's do this.


There were no excuses yesterday morning - Jillian was on the agenda. It was much better than Monday, but still a bit 'blah'. It's controversial, but I'm starting to wonder if I need a break from my beloved one...

While you absorb the shock of that statement, here's the breakfast eats - smoked mackerel and roasted veggie omelette-type thing. I only used one egg, but it just about held it together! Very tasty and filling and washed down with an orange. Still using up fruit from last week!

The orange-hues continued in my leftovers lunch of curried coconut salmon and veg. Just. So. Good. The workday was a frustrating one, but I enjoyed a moment of calm away from the screen chowing down on this.

And these little fellas cheered me up no end on my walk - they were stomping their feet like some kind of rain dance!

The afternoon went from bad to worse, and I threw in the towel at 5 and escaped to sanity. Sanity being a cockle-warming mid-week roast chicken with roast parsnips and sweet potatoes and boiled carrots, broccoli and asparagus. This made me happy.
I also fitted in a quick walk, some cleaning and prepping my bone broth for the new pressure cooker, after Andy kindly dismantled the huge bones I'd been too shy to ask the butcher to break up. I'm sure he enjoyed showing off his muscle... If you're intrigued by bone broth, click here.
Then, at about 8.40pm we finally settled down to catching up on the first episode of Africa. It was stunning - the perfect antidote to a rough day. Two words - baby ostriches.
I woke to the excitement of checking on my broth... when I opened the bedroom door the smell was gorgeous! I left it bubbling away as I tackled Jill (yep, totally over it at the moment. I need new fitness inspiration!). For breakfast I used the last of the roasted veggies in this perfect frittata. I meant to add fruit to the meal but forgot.

Then it was time to sort the broth! I drained and strained it and then... tried a bit... It was... okay. Not unpleasant but a bit fatty. I decided to reserve judgement until I let it cool and scooped the fat away.

I waved the boy off and headed to my desk for the day... In my spare room! Yep, I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home on occasion and today I really needed to focus, so enjoyed the peace and quiet. I stood at the chest of drawers rather than sat - managed that from 8-3 before I gave in and sat down!
Oh, and I did sit for my lunch - leftover roast. What a treat! As was a lunchtime walk along the seafront. I tried some of the bone broth again later on, after I'd removed the fat. It was good! Not something I think I'll want all the time, but a nice change from tea.

I also used lunchtime to prep my slow cooker beef stew. Some braising steak, carrots, celery, garlic, leek, mushrooms, cabbage and tomato puree went in with veggie water to cover and some herbs and olive oil. I left it for about 7 hours.

Loving my £10 slow cooker! After I finished work I went for another quick walk and then tucked in.

Bit of vitamin C to finish.

Off to research new fitness trends.
Question of the day: How do you keep fit? Any recommendations?
Help me!

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