Monday, 14 January 2013

Why does it always rain on me?

Seriously, the forecast was clear for tonight, but, for the third time in a week I got drizzled on. Today it kicked in just as I got to the seafront, aka the furthest point from home. After cursing for a minute or two I decide to quit my moaning and get on with it. Still, I got to my step target, and it was tough today as it was pouring at lunchtime so I went and did my food shop instead of attempting a walk and spending the rest of the day looking like the girl from The Ring. Although that could have been fun...

Le Weekend

So, let's rewind to Saturday. They had no rabbit at the butcher's, so we got liver and bacon instead... I can hear the mixture of bleuchs and yums from here. I love it unapologetically. I fried up onion, garlic, thyme, mushrooms and bacon with the offal and served it with boiled cabbage and carrot. Really tasty and satisfying, I felt stuffed for the rest of the evening. And so cheap.

We whiled away the rest of the rainy day with a little walk (just me, in the rain. AGAIN) then watched Africa. Amazing.

Sunday morning came around and the sunshine made an appearance. As did this roast veggie frittata with parsnip, brussels sprouts, mushroom and carrot. Check out the girl peeping from behind my plate!

There was no time for lounging about (and anyway, Saturday had that covered) - we had a date with my cousin and her husband. It was cold and bright so we pitched up at their place and walked to town for a cup of tea at Bill's. Or a big pot of Bengali spice tea in my case. It was nice, but a bit sickly. Even better was spending time with my lovely family.

And there was more to come as we had to rush back to my Mum's to go out for lunch with some dear family friends. We went to a lovely little village called Bosham which has a very posh and exclusive hotel called The Millstream. We ate in the slightly less fancy brasserie.

Still pretty special for Sunday lunch! I had scallops and chorizo with two sides - fennel and pear salad and carrot and coriander salad. It was all lovely, but the carrot and coriander salad really stood out. So zingy!

A really lovely way to spend the day. When we got home we both set of for our day's exercise. I walked, he ran. The sunset was stunning after a bright, crisp day.

Dinner was grilled pork chops, kale and sweet potato. I'm not a pork lover really but fancied a change and this was a really nice, simple supper.

I spent the evening reading It Starts with Food, the book that accompanies the Whole 30. It was a real eye-opener and well worth the £6.99 Kindle price. It spurred me on to keep at it. I'm still really happy eating this way and feeling good.
I'd been dreading today as I had a lot on at work. My sleep was a bit broken but I got up at 6am and started my new yoga app for 30 minutes. It was nice to feel challenged and motivated again after going through the motions with my Jill DVD for a while. I think I'll like this little change in routine, plus it calmed me for the day ahead.
Frittata time! With added kale and mushrooms left from dinner. I didn't eat the plum in the end. Sorry plum.

Salmon salad for lunch with lots of lovely crunchy bright vegetables on a dull day. It tried to snow, you know.

The day went okay and I managed to escape at an okay hour and get a space right outside my house... it's the little things!

It's time to prep for dinner, the next few days' breakfast vegetables and lunch tomorrow. Here's how that looks. Eek!

All done now, and dinner of curried fish soup with savoy cabbage has been enjoyed.

What next? Monday is a great TV night now: Miranda, Mrs Brown's Boys and... Girls is back!
I mentioned the other day that I made a decision on my lunchtime walk... well, that was that it was time for The Boy to move in soon. Eeeeeeeeeeee! But, what will he think of my Monday viewing?!
Question of the day: Have you seen/heard of Girls?
It really is so good - watch it if you get a chance.

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