Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Greetings, Guys and Dolls, from a dark and drizzly evening. I just got back from my evening walk and am ready for some downtime with the iPad and TV.

But first, I have a date with you! When I first started my new walking resolution last week, my evenings were fairly clear because I'd got all my chores done on my days off. Now I'm back to normal, with food shopping and cleaning to do, then walking, blogging and any other chores... oh, and relaxing... Well, it's a balancing act! So, I may blog a little less often while I get used to it all. But I still love you! And I get so excited when I get a comment - feel free to talk back!


6am rolled around and it was time to get back to the Jill regime after a week off. It was tough and I didn't feel good. I don't think I was quite over my illness. Bleurgh. I half-heartedly gulped down a breakfast mash up of omelette with leftover sweet potato with a sweet salad of blueberries, apple, carrot and red cabbage. It was okay, but I made a mental note that red cabbage just isn't right at breakfast! I had redbush instead of black tea, but was missing my much needed caffeine punch. All in all the start to the day was a bit of a fail and I didn't feel great.

I shuffled through 'til lunch, still not feeling it. And, seriously, there had not been sunshine for days. Just endless clouds. Sniff. On the plus side, leftover tuna fishcakes for lunch were a-mazing. Maybe even better the day after!
Being a mardy bum meant I didn't even fancy my usual walk (gasp!), but I shifted my sorry butt and got some fresh air. It did me the world of good and I even made an important decision while mooching along in my own little world. Update to come! I also meditated on the reflection of this tree in the water...

After work I trotted off to Tesco to clean out their veg aisle, then had to make an extra stop at Waitrose to find Whole 30 compliant coconut cream. Yeah, wasn't really feeling the love for my new diet.
For dinner I busted out an old classic that never fails to please me, salmon broth with ginger and pak choy. Gorgeous. Then I scooted around the block quickly to get in my last 1000 steps. Score!

Today I skipped Jill and opted for the extra snooze time. Then I fried some eggs sunny side-up and served them with some roasted veggies I made a batch of lastnight. Now that's more like breakfast! Served with blueberries and some black Darjeeling tea I bought. It's much milder than normal black tea, so far more pleasant to drink sans milk. I actually went back for more. The day was looking up already. I slipped on my brogues and red lippy and skipped out the door in to the morning sunrise. SUN!!!

The office was busy and buzzy today and I got lots done. We had a team lunch, and in the excitement I forgot my camera! Luckily my colleague had his Blackberry on hand to document the gilded beauty that was my mackerel salad. It actually drew a gasp. Mackerel, I love you. And I'm not ashamed to say it.
Then it was walkie time with my friend. And, have you noticed, still no snacking? I honestly do not miss it. I don't even give it a second thought! It just goes to show it's habit, not hunger.
And, my skin is already looking brighter after a week on the veg and off the booze. It's been hard going at times, but I am starting to hit my stride with this Whole 30 and seeing the benefits is really spurring me on.
Dinner was an unpretty fail that turned in to a win. The plan was tandoori chicken from a Nom Nom Paleo app recipe, but the shop didn't have tandoori spice and my chicken smelt funny. So, I ended up with curried salmon! But it was lovely! I mixed together a small tin of coconut cream, a heaped teaspoon of curry powder and the juice of half a lime and spread it over two pieces of salmon before baking. Served with boiled cabbage and carrots, baked sweet potato and a topping of lime and coriander. Sweet, fragrant and a hint of mellow spice. Proper comfort food. Balance restored.
The cabbage was a seasonal one called January King. It was gorgeous - very mild and light and buttery. It's a pretty pale green with frilly purple edges. If you see it, do try it.

Then I went for a 30 minute walk to the seafront and enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing. Nothing like it. Peace. Ommmm! Oh, and I reached my step target, obvs! Night night.
Question of the day: What's your favourite curry?
Mmm, Goan fish. Waitrose do a suprisingly amazeballs ready meal version!


  1. Favourite curry is EVERY curry. I like them tomato based, not creamy. Prawn patia, or a dhansak. Last one I had the resturant put sprouts in it. I loved this!

    1. Sprouts in curry! That is actual genius!