Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The whole hog

Welcome to 2013! Got over the last day of 2012 yet? I'm not sure! I have a lingering sore throat that may or may not be the esult of a restless night's sleep after a fair amount (read: lots) of wine.

But, far from feeling sorry for myself, I'm feeling excited about the month, and year, ahead! I've decided to go for it and do the Whole 30 for the next 30 days, which I started today. It's a stricter version of the Paleo-ish way I eat and the aim is to do a 'nutritional reset', which I could do with after December's excess. Mainly, for me, it means no booze, chocolate or peanut butter. Reckon I can do it? Wanna join me?!

While you decide, here's a round up of the last day of 2012 and the first of 2013, chillichocolatelove style.


After a quiet night on Sunday, I bounded out of bed at 8am ready for my last breakfast of the year. And with PB being off limits from Tuesday, I made sure I put a big dollop of Peanut Butter and Co. Smooth on my ground almond, banana, almond milk, coconut and frozen berry porridge.

Check out my new tea set! Mum very kindly gave me a whole dinner service so I don't have to be embarassed by my old, chipped Asda crockery anymore and can be like a real grown-up! I love the autumn fruit pattern, very me.
Some cleaning ensued, along with ironing, building up to the exciting event that was lunch - I made a frittata, using up leftover food from our roast on Sunday. I fried up the roasted broccoli, onion, carrots and chicken for a bit 'til warmed through, then added three whisked eggs and allowed the bottom to set before sticking the pan under the grill for the top to set. Andy added cheese to his. This was so good and would keep really well cold for lunch. These will be a more regular feature from now on! 

Cup of redbush in a proper cup and saucer. Just 'cos.

Then off I skipped to get my hair cut and pick up this little baby I had ordered - part of my new year's resolution to walk more, I've invested in a fancy pedometer called a Fitbit Zip. All you need to know is it was expensive, I love it and it has a smiley face. It also syncs wirelessly with my iPad and sends me messages when I'm nearing my goal for the day. I heart it! I celebrated with a Cocoa Mint Nakd.

We chillaxed for the afternoon as the weather was pants and prepared for our NY dinner with friends at a local pub called the Eastney Tavern we'd heard had great food.
After polishing off a bottle of Prosecco at home, we walked to the pub and got tucked in. The starter was easily the best course of the meal! We all plumped for the Festive Filled Flat Mushrooms with pancetta, stilton and quince jelly. Salty, sweet, tangy, earthy and pungent, it melted in the mouth and was just the right amount. We all loved it. Nom! I had started eating before I remembered to snap a pic!

For the main the boys went for Slow-Roasted Belly of Pork with apple and cinnamon confit. The portions were huge, but it was good!

Us girls went for Lobster Thermidor with salad and new potatoes. It was really good although the salad was a bit boring and chain-restaurant style. The lobster was sweet and unctuous though.

Dessert was an unremarkable Champagne sorbet for me. To be perfectly honest, we were on our third bottle of wine between two of us at this point, so I doubt it could cut through that! After a little dance we headed home to open more wine - Champagne this time - and toast the new year before I collapsed in a heap!
I can't say I felt brilliant on waking, but definitely far better than I deserved! Food was needed fast, so I cooked up a smoked salmon omelette and roasted some broccoli to inject some goodness into it. (Leftovers pictured below. I was in a hurry!).

The sun was beaming, so around 12 we strolled to the beach, where the rest of the world appeared to have descended. Very refreshing and got my steps up! My aim is 10,000 a day and this bagged me 9,000.

Lunch was a nourishing and warming bowl of curried fish soup with cavolo nero cabbage. It's a lovely variety. Quiet chewy and deep green - more kale than cabbage in taste.

The afternoon was dozed and lounged away, then I took another little stroll just before sunset because the sun was still out and I didn't want to be indoors all evening and it meant I could listen to some new songs I downloaded.
When I got back, we watched the first half of Up - so good! That's the kind of TV we need more of during the festive season! We took a half-time interval for me to cook a quick dinner of stir-fried steak strips, savoy cabbage, carrot, red pepper, celery, garlic, chilli and spring onion. I'm still full from it! Not even thought about chocolate!

Up ended and I started the blog. And so, another year begins. Wishing you all a fabulous one.
Question of the day: Resolutions?
Walk 10000 steps a day, be in bed by 10:30 and stop weighing myself every day.

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