Friday, 4 January 2013

Sweet dreams

I'm not dreaming about sugar just yet (apparently, that phase comes later...), but isn't this the cutest window display? That cake looks amazing. This is a cake shop I often go past on my walks and they always have a fabulous display.

I did have sweet dreams last night, as it happens, and a good night's sleep seemed to shift my bad head, meaning I felt much better today. Still a bit sniffly but loads better than yesterday. Hurrah!


Day one of real Whole 30 breakfast. I roasted a load of veggies lastnight - brussels sprouts, sweet potato, tomatoes, red pepper and carrot - added some leftover cavolo nero and fried it up this morning. I added two whisked eggs, fried until the bottom was set, then chucked under the grill until the top set.

I added some blueberries on the side fo fun. And no milk in my tea, of course, which I got used to quite quickly. I have a new food discovery alert - Groovy Food Company Virgin Coconut Oil. I bought it to use for frying and tried a bit before cooking (it's hard and melts when you use it). It tastes amazing! Pricy stuff, but well worth it for me. I'd previously bought some coconut oil from a local shop for 99p. After I tasted the good stuff I chucked it straight in the bin! If you're going to try it, I urge you to invest.
I went off to work with much more of a spring in my step and finally felt like the week had begun... Handy it's Friday, though!
Lunch was a mackerel salad with red cabbage, beetroot, tomatoes, carrot, celery... probably other stuff! I've stopped reading mails/texts etc while I eat so I'm not distracted... not sure how much difference it makes yet.

Then I went for a walk with my friend to check on the swans. They say hi.

When I got home I decided to sit down and do some meal planning for next week - I'm going to the butcher's tomorrow, so need to get organised. Plus, planning breakfasts as well as lunches and dinners will need some extra forethought! Next week's menu will include rabbit and, if I get the bones, bone broth!
Of course, this all made me rather hungry, so I tucked in to leftover chicken soup from yesterday. It might have been even better today.

I followed it with a plum. Just 'cos.

And then a walk to hit my 10000.
And now I need to chill and prepare for a busy weekend - 6 mile walk, hotel stay and posh dinner (first time dining out on Whole 30!) all await.
Question of the day: What are your weekend plans?

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