Monday, 21 January 2013

Sleepy Sunday

I am officially a cliche and own up to being bitten by Blue Monday. I had a frustrating day at work, I feel tired and I feel like I need sun. And its only been properly cold for about five minutes here!

Still, enough already.


On Saturday afternoon, I had my first taste of rabbit stew. My verdict? In a word 'blech'. Too gamey for me, but I persevered and rued the fact that I'd made enough for leftovers the next day.

Luckily, we had plans to go out for a cuppa, so I was able to wash the taste away with a pot of Portsmouth tea at Pie and Vinyl, a newish and very cute cafe that also sells records.

I loved the mismatched vintage decor and proper crockery. The Boy loved his sourdough fruitcake. We'll be back.

We walked to the cafe and back, a good half hour each way, and made it to the butcher, too. Nice work for a Saturday afternoon.
The evening brought the biggest test of the Whole 30 so far - a birthday meal out with very good friends. I managed to resist Alabama Slammers, White Russians and wine and stuck to my guns. We went to a local Greek restaurant, Steki, where I ordered lamb chops with a beetroot salad and green salad on the side. I thought there was too much lamb at first, but alot was fat and bone, so I finished it all!

It was a very nice, low-key evening, but a late one. I still suffered tiredness the next day, despite the sober night.
Sunday was designated 'getting house sh*t together' day. I started it with a roast veggie frittata and half a pear.

It was snowing lightly again, but I braved it and drove down to the dump with some old kitchen stuff while the boy got to doin' some screwin'. I also stopped by the shop for two new lampshades. Phew!
As if that wasn't enough, I then went for an hour-long walk. I was dog-tired by the time I got back and snoozed my way through eating the last of the rabbit stew (blech) with a freshly roasted batch of veg and some tabasco to 'enhance' (hide) the rabbity flavour. Bugs, you're safe.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cosied up reading the paper and hibernating and feeling a bit sorry for myself. No reason, it was just a blue day.

We had grilled pork chops and Luann's Kale Salad for dinner, with pear, dates and macadamia nuts, and I moaned about feeling like I'm chained to the kitchen! I know it's my choice to eat this way, everything from scratch, so I shouldn't complain, but sometimes the preparation seems relentless!

I stuck a beef stew in the slow cooker before bed and bid adieu to the weekend. After watching the very disturbing Utopia.
Back on the yoga wagon at 6am. It was nice and I could really feel it stretching my lower back, which I always hold tension in when I feel stressed. Breakfast was an omelette with three yolks and one white as I had yolks left over. I put some berries inside and sprinkled with cinnamon. Roasted veggies on the side.

The less said about work the better. At least I could get there! Lunch was a fun new treat - raw king prawns dipped in egg white then desiccated coconut and fried in coconut oil, hence the leftover yolks. They were lovely with leftover kale salad. A tropical moment in a dull day!

The Boy joined me for a little walk, but the path was quite treacherous! Very pretty, though.

After work came the food shopping and I was ready for stew when I got home. I added some curry powder to the beef when I put it in the slow cooker lastnight and it was the right call. Yum.

A quick walk to hit target and now I'm soooooo ready to recline.
Question of the day: Blue Monday - how was it for you?

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