Saturday, 19 January 2013

PJ Saturday

Good morning, my flowers. As the title suggests, I'm still in my flannel PJs and chunky socks and loving the cosiness. Don't get me wrong, I've been busy all morning, but everything feels more relaxed when you're in you comfies!

I'm particularly grateful to be safe and warm after a horrible drive to work in the snow yesterday. I actually ended up pointing sideways on the motorway at one point. It was incredibly scary, but I managed to right myself and carry on, before calling work and being told to head back home... when I'd made it to within a mile of work! Still, I was glad to just get back and be safe as the snow continued to pour. Phew!


Before snow chaos descended, I started Thursday morning nice and relaxed and enjoyed a piece of grilled mackerel with a fried egg and some roasted vegetables.

I was working from home in the morning, ready to head to London after lunch. This gave me the opportunity to roast a chicken and some vegetables so I could get organised with meals for the rest of the week, too.

Lunch was some foil-baked salmon with leftover kale salad from dinner the night before. I had pear, dates and pecans in the salad which went together really well.

I walked to the station and got on the train to head to the London Boat Show for work. I went last year and had a great time, and couldn't wait to walk around a Sunseeker again!
Check out this 'rooftop' mini bar, ice sink and grill. Heaven. I just need to figure out how to afford one...

After a little tour we went to join our colleagues on their stand, where wine and pizzas were flowing. I resisted, and, knowing healthy choices would be limited, had packed up some roast chicken and veg in these little foil containers I bought just for that purpose. Ain't they cute!
I wasn't hungry until I got on the train home at 8.30pm. It soon got packed after I took this snap, so I felt rather conspicuous digging in, and certainly couldn't pick up the chicken leg and gnaw on it like I wanted to!

The next morning, knowing bad weather was on the way, I called our Employee Advice Line at 7:00am and it said all offices were open as usual. So, I decided to brave it...
I fortified myself with leftover chicken and veg and a plum. Seriously, this doesn't even seem weird to me now!
I set off for work and quickly regretted it as I skidded out of the end of my road. But, I carried on, despite my better judgement. Note to self - listen to that little voice in your head. Anyway, we all got the advice to head home soon after, so I turned around after my motorway skid and had a couple more close shaves but got used to the conditions. On the plus side, I know what to do now when driving in the snow!
I've never been so pleased to be home, with myself and my car in one piece.

The view from my 'home office'
I took the opportunity to head to the butcher at lunchtime and get some rabbit for a weekend stew. Can't wait to try it. Cooked it overnight in the slow cooker.
We went for an evening walk as my steps for the day were pitiful, then I cooked a chicken and watercress soup with the leftover chicken from Thursday shredded up, and using these lovely chicken juices to base the stock on. Chicken jelly!

Just the ticket for a snow day.

And a bit of vitamin C for strength.

Unfortunately, I'd still only made it to 9000 steps, and I knew dancing around the lounge wouldn't cut it, and would annoy The Boy somewhat. So, I headed out around the block and was rewarded with my step target for the day and this gorgeous specimen:
Check out his coin buttons. Too cute!
We then settled down to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I slept through the battle bits. Stressful day ;)!
The last of the chicken went in to this little frittata. I love being organised and having all this food ready to go. Nom Nom Paleo calls it 'emergency protein'.

Meal-planning for next week and chores all done. We're off to the butcher and then to check out a cafe called Pie and Vinyl for a cuppa and a walk. Tonight is dinner out at a local Greek restaurant. Hooray for Saturday!
Question of the day: Snow - love or hate?
Love if I don't need to go anywhere!

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