Saturday, 12 January 2013

Pins and needles

Good afternoon my flowers. I hope you're enjoy the weekend so far. It's bucketing with rain here and after going for a walk earlier and enduring the rain lashing in to my face like icy needles, I'm staying put for the rest of the day! The boy has been dispatched to the butcher for our tea and the week's provisions. Only problem is figuring out how to do another 2500 steps today without leaving the house again...

My Fitbit informed me that I'd reached my first 50 miles lastnight. Not bad for 11 days! I've found the little device really motivating, so I'm really hoping to stick to my target. There may be some dancing around the lounge later!


If you'd told me a week ago I'd be eating leftover roast chicken and veg for breakfast, I'd have told you you're crazy. Even crazier? I enjoyed it! That's what the Whole 30 does for ya. If eating this for breakfast is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Don't worry, Liquorice is still in da house, warming my Darjeeling as only she can... Check out how dark it still is outside at 7.30am!

It was a good job I had a hearty breakfast because work was a whirwind and I had meetings from 10-1.30. I mean, how uncivilised booking a meeting over lunch!

I had a salmon salad with kale, roast sweet potatoes, carrot, tomatoes, carrot and parsley. Avocado also made an appearance. I stopped eating it for a while because I think I overdid it at one point and it made me feel sick :S But, I'm pleased to announce it's back in the game!

Despite having a crap ton to do, I was determined to get a walk in and make the most of the sun being out.

I worked through until 6pm just to make sure I didn't want to kill myself on Monday morning. I was starving when I got home. Thank the Lord for leftovers. Slow cooker beef stew went straight down the hatch.

I added some Tabasco which I just found out is A-ok for Whole 30. Yes!
Then I wrapped up and headed out for a cold, dark but refreshing walk and vegged on the sofa before an early night. Worn. Out.
After sleeping for nine hours - clearly needed - I got up at 8 ready to eat. As always. Two fried eggs with some parsnip, carrot and brussels sprouts I roasted up last night. And a bit of apple and cinnamon, too. Apple goes rather nicely with root veg I find.
Although the weather was looking bleak, I decided it was now or never for my walk. It started okay but by the time I got to the seafront, the wind was howling and the rain lashing. I could hear the waves crashing from a few roads away! I'm glad I got out, though, as it got even heavier later on.
After reading the paper for a bit and treating myself to an online magazine with some of my Christmas iTunes vouchers, I decided I was hungry for lunch. I baked a frozen salmon fillet with some coconut oil and boiled some kale, carrot and pak choy. I added avocado, tomatoes, beetroot and parsley and sprinkled cider vinegar. And devoured.
The plan for the rest of the day is to read my magazine and newspaper and be at one with my sofa. Om.
Oh, I almost forgot, I downloaded a new yoga app to try while I'm in my Jillian funk. I'll let you know how it goes!
Question of the day: What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Read and snuggle!


  1. All your food looks delicious! How's Whole 30 going? Are you hungry or satisfied on it? I like to curl up in bed with a good book on rainy days

    1. Thank you! I'm really enjoying Whole 30. I went in to it with an open mind and it's made me realise how much eating I do out of habit, not hunger. They call it a 'reset' and it definitely is. I know once I finish I'll pick and choose my treats more carefully and make sure they're really tasty and worth it. And I'm truly not hungry between meals, which is a miracle for me!

      That said, I'd kill for a glass of red ;)