Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Life in the freezer

It's cold! But also crisp and sunny, and I'll take that any day over walking in the rain.

We made it to Wednesday. Yay! Halfway through January already... it's practically spring!

Enough of my boundless optimism! I am feeling quite chipper, for no real reason other than the weekend being in sight and generally just being a lucky girl in so many ways. No, I'm not on drugs.


I felt really tired yesterday morning (nothing to do with being up late after watching Girls...) so decided to listen to my body and get the extra sleep rather than do yoga.

When I finally shifted, I made a kind of breakfast kedgeree - leftover curried fish from the soup scrambled in with an egg and some roasted veggies. It was nice, quite sweet and simple, and supplemented with half a Cox apple and some blackberries.

Sadly, the gift on the table wasn't for me, it was to take to my friend's later in the day. If I don't put stuff right where I can't miss it, I'll forget it. Just me?

Another busy day of meetings and shiz to do at work. A gorgeous, bright and breezy mackerel salad fueled me through it. I. Want. To. Eat. Mackerel. Every. Day.

I managed to fit in a nice walk with my friend and get outta there at a decent time. The traffic is terrible at the moment. I got used to it being quiet over Christmas and can't get used to all these people!
Back at the crib I got straight to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, making lunch and heating up lefotver curried fish soup...

...because I had a date with my friend to give her her present. I walked over to her place and back and hit the step target and caught up with a good friend. I even got to bed at a decent time. Productive evening!
I totally planned on doing yoga today... but forgot I'd set my alarm for a later time yesterday. Fail.
Tomorrow! I wasn't sure what I wanted for breakfast today, so I plumped for a roast veggie frittata and it hit the spot. Half a pear for sweetness on the side. Fruit is sneaking in a bit more of late, but that's cool.

Today was far more chilled at work - no meetings! I met a friend I hadn't seen for ages for lunch to catch up on the gossip.
Mackerel salad replay with the addition of some blackberries. Yep! Cray, I know!

Then I went to check out this wintry wonderland.

 Walking on water! Told you ducks are magic!
I also made plans to see two good friends next week. It's hard to keep up with people sometimes, but always worth the effort. A good day.
Time to get dinner ready for me and The Boy - steak and Luann's kale salad, then a walk (with Andy) and Africa. 'Cos that's what January is about.
Have a cosy one.
Question of the day: How do you remember stuff?

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