Thursday, 31 January 2013

Goodbye to all that...

To January that is, and good riddance! It's been a loooooong, cold, dark month around here. Don't get me wrong, it's had it's highlights, but I'm ready for spring now, people! We made it to the end of January! Woop!

I also reached my goal of at least 10000 steps every day in January! No wonder I feel shattered today, although that could be to do with two extra early starts this week. I'm really pleased I kept my challenge up and I plan to try and keep going as much as I can, although I may modify to trying to hit 70000 steps across the week. We'll see.

Whole 30 ends Saturday as I added a couple of days on at the start after I got a couple of things wrong. First thing I'm reintroducing? WINE!


Tuesday night dinner was this lovely slow cooker beef stew with red cabbage, parsnip, celery, onion, carrot and a bit of curry powder. It was tasty but the beef was a bit dry (I now have The Boy critiquing on a daily basis). Is it the slow cook method? I need to investigate.

Check out my attempt to usher spring in early. I must buy flowers more often (or hint to someone else). They just make me feel happy.


It was back to the office yesterday, so back to the old routine. As a rule I don't read while eating now, but I was waiting for my frittata to cool a bit. The usual roast veggie mixture - sweet potato, carrots, onion, mushrooms, courgette, peppers... and some cheeky blueberries.

It was good to be back in the office after a couple of days out, and catch up with my peeps. I'm helping organise a walking challenge for later in the year, so was busy recruiting. I'm also organising a team meal out. In between all this I find time to do a bit of work. It was one of those satisfying days at work where I got to do the nice stuff that attracted me to the job in the first place.

Lunch was coconut prawns with Luann's kale salad with added beetroot. I left the red onion out because I dread onion breath at work, but it left it a bit bland. Bad breath it is, peeps!


Followed by a nice stroll with my friend.

Dinner was pork chops with steamed red cabbage and green beans and baked sweet potato. I marinated the pork in lime, basil and garlic before but sadly overcooked it a little in my zeal not to get food poisoning. We're getting a meat thermometer to avoid this scenario!


Up with the lark again and off to London for the morning on the 6.50am train. I got myself organised the night before with a frittata and made tea and filled my water bottle for the journey. I hate paying for over-priced bottled water at the station!

The frittata was nice, but not as amazing as my Monday morning one with smoked salmon. Soooo having that again. Tasty little apple, too.

It was a nice journey - bit of work, bit of catching up on blogs, the sun came out to play. After our event a bunch of our team went for lunch at a nearby bar, on the boss. Sweet!

I had gammon and eggs with pineapple salsa and subbed the chips with salad. It was great! Salty gammon, sweet, creamy eggs and spicy/sweet salsa. And good company! The menu choices were very limited for me, but it turned out good.

I headed home after and a wave of exhaustion came over me as I walked from the station. Long week, long month. I did some more work when I got in then logged off at 6pm and cracked on with this little beauty, curried fish soup with kale and carrot, and made lunches for tomorrow. Then I walked to meet The Boy at the station, hit my step target and tucked in.

The Boy is doing his first online grocery shopping order for the weekend... I better go check he hasn't just ordered beer and chips! Look out for my Whole 30 recap on Saturday. Laters, lovelies!

How was January for you?

Long, but very healthy!

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