Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dry weekend

Evening peeps. Hope you've had a good weekend? Back in November, The Boy and I made a very wise decision to book a post-Christmas hotel break rather than exchange gifts. So, this weekend, rather than lolling about feeling sorry for ourselves, we hit the road to Oxford!


Yesterday required an early start as I wanted to get the day's steps in before we set off. I fuelled up first with two fried eggs, pre-prepared roast veggies and an orange. Washed down with a black tea. Still not my favourite, but getting used to it. Slowly.

Then, off I trotted at 8am in to the dank air for a 6 mile walk along the seafront. For some reason, this 'Danger: slippery slope' sign tickled me.

On the way out it was lovely and quiet, but got pretty busy by the time I neared home. I popped to the butcher to stock up and got me some HUGE beef bones, which the butcher kindly gave me for free, to make bone broth next week. I've also ordered a slow cooker. Excited!

I needed to fit in a quick lunch before I left for Oxford, and having done 15000 steps before 12pm, I needed it! I nuked a piece of haddock and plonked it on a salad made from carrot, celery, cabbage, blueberries, pecans and dried cranberries. With some raspberry vinaigrette and olive oil added, it was delish.

We made our way to the hotel and spent the afternoon chilling in the room, then going for a swim, sauna and steam. Ahh, bliss! After some more chilling we got dressed for dinner at a fancy country pub nearby that'd had great ratings on TripAdvisor, The White Hart at Fyfield.
I was nervous about negotiating the menu Whole 30 style, but didn't want to pass up the opportunity to eat there. We ordered our soft drinks at the bar (sigh) and headed to our table. It was gorgeous inside, very rustic, and filled with diners.
Some olives started things off. Very nice. There was also homemade bread that looked amazing. I declined.

My starter was a gorgeous salmon gravadlax on a marinated cucumber salad.  So light and fresh, the quality of the salmon was beautiful. And just the right amount. I avoided the globules around the edge as I wasn't sure what they were...!

You know me, I'm always 'game' to try something different (groan) so I plumped for the pheasant for my main. It was really tender and delicate, not a strong flavour at all. It came with pretty much a whole parsnip, cooked very well, and some greens. I gave the rest - a puree of some sort, parsnip crisps and a boudin (we had to google it, a type of sausage! It had pastry in, though) to Andy. Luckily he gave me some of his amazing crackling in return - it's that long strip you can see on his plate!
We also ordered some extra wok-fried greens and drank water with dinner, finishing with a herbal tea. I commented that we need to move to California. It doesn't seem right to be abstinent in a British country pub! All in all, it was lovely and much cheaper than it would have been had we been indulging!

We awoke fresh and ready to face the day, after a bit of coffee (His: decaff white, Mine: caffeine please, black).

The hotel was very nice, country-manor style. But, as is often the case, we were in a more modern block adjoining the hotel. Still, it was a good price and our room was nice and cosy.

Better get those decorations down!

Off we trotted to Oxford and breakfast, well, elevenses, at our favourite burrito place, Mission Burrito. I went for a salad topped with carnitas pork (slow-roasted with orange and spices), veggies, guacamole and habanero (very hot) salsa. It was good, although the salsa was a bit much for the time of day!

Then I bought a sieve and some tupperware (crazy times!) and we did a bit of the tourist thang by visiting one of the colleges - Balliol. Very pretty but not much to actually do.

The sun came out for a minute!

It was time to head homewards and I took the opportunity to snooze for the majority. When we got back to a very grey Portsmouth, I was starving and quickly fired up a frittata with the rest of the roasted veggies and made a little side salad with some apple, cabbage and macadamia nuts. Ooh, it hit the spot. I've been adding fruit to my meals mainly to use it up as I have some in. I haven't really missed it to be honest and won't be buying any more for a while. It's veg all the way.

The Boy went for a run and I had a walk and took the decorations down before tackling a new recipe for dinner, tuna fish cakes from my Nom Nom Paleo app. These are made with tinned albacore tuna and sweet potato and a bunch of other things. Ooh, they were lovely - sweet and spicy and very moreish. And we've got them for lunch tomorrow, too. They were accompanied by a spinach, watercress and rocket salad with beetroot, red pepper and tomato and more of that apple salad from lunch, with some carrot and celery added. Samphire also made an appearance. Ooh, it was lovely it was.

Next up? Chilling then bed time. The first full week back at work beckons!


  1. What a nice weekend! And great healthy eats!

    1. And I can't believe there's a Mission Burrito in the UK! That is so funny. We have the original one in SF adn I just thought it was a small burrito spot..had no idea there was on in the UK! Neat

    2. I saw a sign in there which said something about starting in San Francisco... to be honest I thought it was a marketing gimmick! We love it - Mexican food is slowly starting to take off here, but I still have to travel a good few miles to get a decent burrito.