Monday, 17 December 2012

Today is brought to you by the letter S


Sorry-looking banana and egg pancake with blueberries, topped with Peanut Butter and Co The Bees Knees tasted great. Perked me up after Jill.

Stressy start to work day alleviated by the crunch of a Braeburn apple.

Soon time to tuck in to leftover roast chicken, purple kale, carrot and sweet potato.

Sunny walk followed by equally bright orange.

Spent more than expected on weekly shop. Oops.
Snacked on one of these. Guess which one. Also had leftover roast sweet potato to fuel cleaning.


Savoured this roast salmon on a bed of boiled kale, carrot and samphire with tomato and beetroot, drizzled with new raspberry dressing. Divine.

So very happy with my two new light fittings, put up today by my super friend's sensational husband.

Snack time.
Serenity is the order of the remainder of the evening. Plus a magazine, chocolate and Girls.

Question of the day: Sum up your day with an S


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