Saturday, 29 December 2012

The sweet smell of success

I won't tell you the obscene amount I spent on perfume in Space NK today with my Christmas vouchers. I'll only tell you that it's my favourite ever perfume, Philosykos by Diptyque, and I had to have it! And I love it, which is the main thing. Smelling like a pudding works for me!

I still feel a bit like one after the Xmas Xcess, too, but have vowed to take it easy on myself for now while I figure out my diet plan of attack for 2013.


Off to work again it was, and the same morning routine set me up for the day: Jillian's Ripped in 30 week two and paleo porridge with banana, ground almonds, almond milk, mixed berries and desiccated coconut ,with the cheeky addition of Peanut Butter and Co The Bees Knees. Well, it was Friday.

Snack time took an unexpected turn. Oh yes, this blogger went a bit cra on y'all and tried a new fruit... persimmon. It was on offer at the supermarket, so I thought I'd give it a try.

It reminded me a lot of mango, and I enjoyed the first few bites, but then it started to get a bit sickly, and I couldn't finish it all. The texture was firm but fleshy. Not one I'll rush to try again but I'm glad I did!

After the success of yesterday, lunch was a repeat of my leftovers feast with Christmas ham. I'm loving red cabbage in my salad. This was so zingy and crunchy and fresh. When I eat things like this I wonder why I'm ever tempted to eat crap.

I went back to more normal snacking for the afternoon shift and managed a late walk. The weather was terrible, but come 2pm I felt so restless and like my thighs were moulding to my office chair, I had to get out! Luckily it didn't rain too much and I even managed to persuade a friend to accompany me.

The evening held a much looked forward to event - dinner with my family. We decided this year that instead of buying presents we should all get together for a meal out. It was a great idea - fun, relaxed and so nice to spend some quality time together. I ordered a salmon and avocado salad. I forgot to snap it but remembered to show you the leftover 'fillers' of bread and croutons. It was washed down with Sauvignon Blanc and a limoncello liquer in lieu of dessert. After dinner we all headed back to my uncle's gorgeous house for more wine and laughter. What a great night.

I woke up a little dehydrated but in pretty good shape considering the amount of wine I had. I'm staying at my mum's so had to be a bit creative with breakfast. I scrambled two eggs with almond milk and had banana and pear on the side.
After an hour of iPadding and relaxing, I got my Jill on with Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.

*gratuitous picture of cute dogs (and boyf) in blatant ratings bid*

Lunch was leftover smoked salmon with roasted brocolli. It hit the spot, and I was starving after Jill.

Some dates, walnuts and dried figs followed. I love dates! I remember when I was young they always looked awful, but they taste like caramel. Seriously - if you've never tried them, do.

The weather was still dreary as ish, but we traipsed in to town anyway, and the ethereal glow of Space NK soon brightened my day. Walking out of that shop with a full bag can't help but make a gal's heart sing. And they gave me some nice little freebies, including some fancy face oil I'm totally busting out tonight. Obvs I'll never be able to afford the product should I like it, but nevermind, I can dream... and at least I'll smell like fresh figs for the foreseeable. A good thing, in case you're wondering!
Back home. More snacking. Pecan Pie Nakd bar and chilli pistachios.

And the last glass of pink Champers. A bit flat, but still good. One does not waste Champagne.

Mother insisted I feed the troops, so I baked this fillet of salmon in foil for 30 minutes at 200 degrees C with some chopped garlic, dill and lemon slices. I parboiled some new potatoes and carrots then roasted them along with the salmon, adding asparagus half-way through.

The future holds a glass of pink port and a viewing of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The boy has never seen it, and I love it. Happy Saturday, y'all!
Question of the day: What would you spend crazy money on?
Beauty products and candles suck me in, but I love a bit of luxury in the everyday. It's what makes life worth living.

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