Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tackle the chores while it pours...

...and make hay while the sun shines! Well, at least take a nice Sunday stroll. It's been a good day here - pictures have been hung, papers have been read and exercise has been taken.


Paleo porridge - now featuring on my new recipe page! Yes, I am trying to get a bit more professional on the blog front, which includes building a recipe page to make life easier for y'all. I've also started using a proper camera for the remainder of the photos in this post after breakfast. Using my iPhone and iPad all the time really is inexcusable.

Breakfast was topped with defrosted blueberries and Peanut Butter and Co The Bees Knees. So creamy and indulgent. So Sunday.

So I followed with 40 minutes of cardio with Jill. It felt good after starting the weekend off in excess mode.
I had a quick protein hit, followed by the obligatory morning apple after and then we headed out in to the sunshine before it disappeared.

Not much call for these in December, but they still make me smile.

The tide was really high, with the waves crashing right up to the promenade. Stones and debris were scattered all across it, something I haven't seen before. Creepy but also kind of cool.

This wall of cloud suggested about 4 miles was enough and we should head for cover soon.

I got home and scrambled me up two eggs with almond milk, sauteed me some kale and tomato and added my luscious local dressed crab from the farm shop on the side. It was a gorgeous and rich lunch. I love crab but couldn't have it too often. Phew! Good stuff, though.

The rain came, of course, and I hunkered down with the paper for the afternoon, snacking on an orange and some Lindt chocolate along with a few cups of redbush.

After a little snooze I decided 'This won't do!' (my Nan's favourite phrase after 'Whatsitsname'). I have a busy week ahead so needed to get some stuff done while I have some down time. First I tackled wrapping (hate it)...

...then on to ironing. Why do I hate myself so much??

I then chucked the bird in the oven while The Boy hung some pictures and I huffed about being too hot after standing by a hot iron and cooker. Ah, domestic bliss.
Sweet potatoes nestled in with the chicken for the last hour, then I boiled some carrots and purple kale.

All of the purple in the kale ended up in the water. Check this!

Purple veg stock to last the week.
Now time for an apple and Homeland. How did we get here again? Still, five days until the Christmas break... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Question of the day: What would be your perfect Sunday?
Today was pretty close. I kid myself I want to chill all day, but it just ain't right without some exercise and little chores!

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