Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Running hot and cold

I've been crying in to my dinner again. Partly with relief at being home, but mainly because of the whole, raw birdseye chilli I dumped in my Salmon and Ginger Broth with Pak Choy. And the fact I just rubbed my eye with my chilli-chopping hand. Worth it though.

...finished up looking like this:
Check out the uber-chunky onion gravy. I could drink that stuff. Pork and leek sausages and veggies accompanied. The kitchen ended up looking pretty good and all the pain of the afternoon's decorating was forgotten. I'm so fickle.
Speaking of which, just when you get used to the whole almond milk thing, I pull another obscure dairy-alternative out of the bag just to mess with ya. Yup, that's how we roll around here.

Kara coconut milk. Not the gloopy stick-it-in-yer-curry kind, but with the consistency of normal milk. And, no, it doesn't make your tea taste like a Pina Colada. Shame. Does taste good, though. You'll find it in the long life milk section with all the other milks for freaks like me.
It accompanied ground almond 'porridge', desiccated coconut (it's cousin) and blueberries. The perfect post-Jillian refuel. Oh yes, Monday morning circuits start the week right.

Look at this! Blooming after two years. It's found a li'l spot it thrives in, much how I'm feeling about my new home now - it's all coming together :)

Decided I needed a change, so morning pear replaced usual apple. Baby steps.

Luann's kale salad with the addition of jumbo prawns, eaten away from the desk with my friend K and followed by a walk in the winter sunshine.

Citrus burst.
Peacan hit. Lovin' these right now - there's something decadent about these little nuts. What does that say about my puritanical lifestyle?! Nuts decadent? Who am I?!

Hotel Chocolat Berry Mousse and Dark Chocolate Caramel nibbled in car (hence dodgy photie) on way to work conference. That's more like it. The Berry Mousse was DIVINE. Thank God for portion control!

A bit of work ensued followed by this very yummy pan-fried sea bream with roasted fennel and veggies (skipped the taters) at the hotel pub called The Boat House. It was accompanied by a couple of Pinot Grigios and a few olives. The fennel was what sold this dish to me, and it was fab. Why do I not roast fennel? I have no excuse. On it.

I left my team a bit early to chill and be ready to gym it at 6am. And gym it I did. 30 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill ensured I didn't go stir crazy not getting my walk and set me up for the day.
Here's the view from my room. Very nice, but mainly saw it in the dark.

Breakfasted with colleagues on two fried eggs, melon and a banana. I ditched the bacon after this photo was taken in favour of the second egg. No regrets.
I'm not normally a coffee drinker, so two in quick succession a bit later led to a momentary headrush!
I was in charge of time-keeping with a red, amber, green system. I know, big responsibility right? Yep, this is my life people. Serious stuff - this ish just got real.
The pressure of being a human clock meant I forgot to take a snap of my buffet lunch. It comprised cold beef slices, rollmops (herring rolled up with sweet pickled onion inside), a giant pickled onion I nearly choked on (I cried TWICE while eating today!), red cabbage, beetroot, cucumber and tomato. It was nice.
Lots of fresh fruit followed - an apple, a plum, an orange and a pear. If it's healthy and free, I'm eating. No shame. I ignored the cakes.

A long car-journey followed after the day ended, and after de-icing my car (with help from my very kind colleague) in the work car park, I made my way home. Cold (one of my fingers actually turned blue!), dark, quite late, hungry. Just so glad to be home, and that broth made everything seem better, as has catching up with you lovely people. Normality restored. Ahh!

Time to take delivery of the shopping at 10pm (wasn't sure what time I'd get back, so scheduled late), watch Girls and have a bit of Lindt chocolate and a cup of redbush.

Question of the day: Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Too hot any day. I quite like getting in a too hot car on a summer's day. Actual weirdo.

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