Saturday, 15 December 2012

Recovery position

You find me in a sleepy state this evening, cosied up at home with the boy and the TV. Thank goodness for lazy weekends, particularly when they follow and late and wine-filled Friday night!


I was woken up extra early by the wind rattling the loose ariel on my roof. One of those things where you think 'I must get that fixed' when it's windy, and promptly forget until the next time. Well, I must get that fixed!

The early start left me feeling a bit groggy so I ditched Jill in favour of an extra half hour in bed having inspected the ariel from the bottom of the garden at 6am, just to make sure it was that causing all the racket.

My breakfast omelette turned into more of a blob, but it still tasted good with a few raspberries and a banana.
The atrocious weather continued for the journey to work, and it didn't seem to get light all morning. It was also a fairly busy and stressy one. A crisp Braeburn apple helped me motor through to lunch.

Leftover cod from last night's soup with samphire, kale and the usual array of salad veg. Very nice and took aaaaaages to eat, which always seems to make me feel fuller. I used to wolf a sandwich down in seconds and wonder if it had ever existed!

Carrying on the orange-hued theme. Not getting old.

Despite the vitamin hit, I felt under the weather for most of the day - scratchy throat, worn out - so desperation led me to eat the other Hotel Chocolat Grand Marnier cherry chocolate from yesterday after I'd exhausted the day's Lindt advent calendar chocolate. It was purely functional.
Around 2pm I had a bit of respite in my workload and saw a glimmer of sunshine so escaped for a walk with my friend to clear my head and get some exercise.

Despite the fresh air interlude, I still felt a bit rough and so fell upon the office sweetie supply for an energy boost. Quick and dirty and not something I recommend, but I was desperate!

After work we headed straight to my Mum's for a gathering of family and friends. Here's some of the spread she put on - smoked salmon, fresh fruit, parma ham and pigs in blankets. There were also lots of pastry-based snacks like sausage rolls and profiteroles which I started off trying to avoid, but gave in to in the end! It was the wine's fault.

 My Mum's new kitchen, living and dining area was the perfect party spot, and suitably seasonal.

The remnants from lastnight's excesses. Yes, the boy and I were rather bleary-eyed this morning and I felt stuffed and full of sugar, so much so I wasn't ready for breakfast until gone 12pm! Who am I?!
When I eat lots of stuff I usually avoid, it makes such a difference to how I feel and puts me all out of whack. I don't like it, but it doesn't seem to stop me doing it now and then.

We walked in to town - about a three-mile round trip, where I got a head, neck and shoulder massage which I was given as a birthday present back in October. Perfect timing! They said my shoulders were 'crunchy', a term I hadn't heard before, but a perfect description!

We headed back to Mum's where I chopped up a banana and added a peach, some raspberries and a dollop of full-fat Greek yoghurt for protein and fat as there were no eggs in.

I enjoyed it with a cup of redbush and felt somewhat restored to normality.
The dogs were pooped after the party, too...
Lola (pensive)...

Royston (bleary)...

and Max (totally chilled).

Poor things having to hang out in front of this roaring fire all day. I found it very hard to tear myself away from this scene, I can tell you. I love being at my Mum's.

My Mum gave us a very special treat to depart with - a gift voucher for a local farm shop which we headed straight off to spend!
Check out our haul:

Purple kale (!), local smoked cheese, local dressed crab, salmon pate, quince jelly, fig jam, crackers, dark chocolate buttons, mulled wine spices and some apple crisps and dates we ate in the car on the way home!

I was falling asleep on the way back. Interrupted sleep and boozing wiped me out. I also snacked on a Egremont Russet apple on the way home. My local supermarket doesn't have them so if I see one, I grab it. With crisp skin and creamy flesh, they are so fragrant.

I craved something warming and comforting when we got in, so made a cup of instant miso.

Then collapsed on the sofa for a couple of hours.
Hunger prompted my next move - making a haddock and vegetable soup with kale and samphire. We both agreed we needed something nutritious and wholesome after lastnight, and this hit the mark.
I sauteed a carrot, onion and stick of celery until soft, then added minced garlic for another minute. I then added 1.2 litres of hot water and ready-made fish stock and brought to the boil and simmered for ten minutes. I added the cubed haddock fillet and kale for another ten minutes, then chucked the samphire in for another two minutes.

We're on the road to recovery friends!

Question of the day: How do you get back on track after a night/day of excess?
Water, fresh air, fresh fruit and fresh veg. And sleep!

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