Thursday, 20 December 2012

Purple rain

There's been a lot of purple and a lot of rain about this week. There's also been a lot of trekking around, hence it being all quiet on the blogging front. Here's a whirlwind trip through the last three days:


A frugal breakfast. Well, for me. A walk to the station for the 7:28 train demanded precision timing, so no pot of tea and blog-reading/procrastinating. Instead a flask of tea spillage on the new snug sofa just as I was heading out the door and a headlong rush to the station, ending with me in a hot, flustered mess on the train. Great start to the day!

Still, the ground almond porridge with raspberries and Raw Health brazil nut and cacao butter helped me through.

It got better. I pitched up at our Brighton office, where the vibe is always relaxed, and soon got into the groove.

Salmon salad with samphire and kale didn't disappoint, either. Neither did the paper cup of mulled wine that preceded it at about 12:00. Yes, they know how to roll down there. We were given a warming cup of the good stuff after singing carols outside the office to raise money. It was great! Even the biggest sceptics got in to it and sang their hearts out. Again, again!

It was a sunny day, so my colleague and I headed out for a walk and she treated me to a hot lemon with honey. I'd forgotten how good this can be.

Not a bad view for a lunchtime jaunt. That's an ice rink just to the left. Sadly, I'm your 'cling to the sides and try not to die' kinda gal when it comes to that particular sport.

Afternoon snack ensued. I'm back on the almonds and really enjoying them after my Mum gave me a bag at the weekend.

Our train home was cancelled. Outrageous! So, I got back a bit later than planned. We had guests on the way so I whipped around the house while the boy got to work on this amazing jumbo prawn omelette with kale. He is official omelette-maker from now on! So fluffy.

I stuck to vegetable crisps and salsa from the nibbles we laid on, and two glasses of white wine. Quite restrained I think!
The big one. Three and a half hour train journey to Cardiff, starting at 7:13. More comfort food needed. The usual porridge, but with Peanut Butter and Co Smooth this time, just to mix it up. And no teapot, again. These are the sacrifices I make for my art.
 Plum on the train.
Mackerel salad at the Cardiff office. I am still totally hooked on this magical fish. I could eat it EVERY DAY.
We'd wanted to explore the city a bit at lunch time but it literally did not stop pouring with rain all day. The most activity I got was playing a game of 'Get Santa in the Chimney' - throwing objects in to a bucket. Hey, it was better than nothing!
Afternoon sustenance. We got soaked on the way to the train and shivered all the way home. Not fun.

This very yummy Innocent smoothie perked me up, though. The plan had been to get some form of dinner to eat on the way back but we couldn't find any decent options. This kept me going, though.

The boy came to my rescue and picked me up when I got back home around 8pm. We headed straight round to our friends' place to holiday plan for next year - a sure way to cheer me up. As were the red wine and nibbles on offer. Warm and cosy at last.

And what can you say about this little bundle of gorgeousness? A nice, relaxed end to a looooooong day. (That's my purply/pink leg you can see!).

Normal service has resumed in the CCL house! Well, except I skipped Jillian in favour of a lie-in and making lunch! Back to Tuesday's breakfast, but this time with added tea and Liquorice (the tea cosy) plus my trusty iPad and blogs to ease myself in to the day. Still raining.
Plum (purple).

Mackerel salad (including very purple beetroot). Nom. So. Good.
I had lunch with BC who is abandoning me for Australia next week! Sadly we couldn't go for a walk as it was still raining.

 The remainder of the afternoon was a bit more orange and brown. Retro, if you will.

Woah, back to purple. That kale from the weekend was still box fresh and begging to be used up. Begging, I tell ya.

Into the curried fish soup it went, along with the purple vegetable water left over from Sunday night.

What's not to love? Oh, and it's stopped raining!
Last day at work tomorrow! Woop! Cannot wait for a little break and seeing all my favourite people in the world.
No blog tomorrow as I have my colleagues round for a little gathering, but updates on Saturday.
Question of the day: What colour would you use to describe your day?
Do I need to spell it out?

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