Wednesday, 26 December 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day and managed to spend it with your favourite people in the world? Mine was just how I like it - low-key and full of laughs, good food and relaxation.

Talking of relaxation, I've spent a LOT of the last few days in these fleece-lined babies - contenders for best present ever. These are never coming off when I'm in the house! Or in its vicinity... Do you think I could get away with them on Dress Down Friday?!

Christmas Day
A sustaining and luxurious breakfast was called for, and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs was the answer.

I also opened a few presents. Eeeeee! Here's a selection...
Gorgeous plant pot which looks amaze in my kitchen and replaces the one this poor plant was literally spilling out of!

Cute-as-a-button bracelet that is just my jewellery style - simple and sparkly.

Chilli chocolate. What more can I say?

Socks with owls on! Actual amaze! Can't wait to bust these babies out!

This is just a small sample of all the wonderful gifts I received. I feel very lucky and spoiled to have such thoughtful and generous friends and family. And I can't wait to go on a serious spree with my Space NK vouchers this weekend! 
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Mum's we go. She'd spared me a lot of hard work and prepped all the veggies for our traditional roast lunch.
I got to making these retrolicious prawn cocktails with a jot of mayo and iceberg lettuce. I usually hate iceberg but the juicy crispness really works with the richness of the prawns. And there has to be some use for these oversize wine glasses in a house where two thirds of the occupants don't drink wine! I know, hard to believe I come from this family... until you meet my brother...

Just look at this beautiful scene, set by Mother.
The pain of a total kitchen rebuild and refurb was worth it for this one day.

*Confession alert* I totally forgot to snap the lunch I slaved over. But let me tell you, it was goooooood. Roast turkey and beef, potatoes that were crisp on the outside and buttery on the inside, parsnips drizzled in honey, pigs in blankets, brussels sprouts and carrots and Yorkshire puddings. So. Good.
The cooking and eating were punctuated with flutes of this divine Oudinot Pink Champagne from Marks and Spencer. Light as a feather, like sherbert.

The rest of the evening consisted of Christmas Pudding with brandy cream. A bit more of the same. A walk to the cemetery to visit my Nanny, Grandad, Aunty Marina and Uncle Alec and leave them some sweeties, and then we watched The Fellowship of the Ring while baking in front of the log burner. Oh, and I fitted in one of my homemade mince pies and some chocolate biscuits. Precious.
Boxing Day
Today was our turn to play hosts to Andy's family. I fuelled up at Mum's first with a bowl of chopped banana, pear, flaked almonds and walnuts warmed in the microwave for 2 minutes and topped with cinnamon.

Check Royston out. He's like me with food - definitely NO SHARING.

We headed home around 10:30 and I prepped this li'l buffet. Note Luann's Kale Salad has pride of place, along with a million types of chutney, cheese, leftover turkey, ham and other morsels. I tucked in to turkey and ham with salad and mustard and mayo on the side. It was good to eat salad again!

We also laid out a selection of sweets. I just love the bright colours of wrapped sweeties in a bowl!

I had one of my Hotel Chocolat chilli pralines. So good I'll be having another in a minute!

A bit later I had this gorgeous smoked salmon pate from our farm shop haul, followed by a 'short' 90 minute nap and some more turkey. Phew! I'm all proteined up and tuckered out!

Time to make lunch ready for work tomorrow (can't even talk about that right now) then settle down and watch The Girl, about Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren on BBC2.
It's been wonderful to mooch about these past few days, but I'm looking forward to some form of routine, healthy eating and exercise again now. We didn't make it out for a walk today and I feel sluggish as a result. Blasted rain!
Have a good evening, y'all.
Question of the Day: Boxing Day sales or snuggling indoors?
Snuggling in my new socks of course!

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