Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Post haste

Well helloooooo there. I am THIS happy to be back home and getting back to some sort of normality after decorating at the weekend and being away with work. Tonight I have mostly roasted a little chicken and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom. It's the simple things.


Check out my dinky tree. It ain't much but it warms the cockles of my heart... does this. I think of it as my indulgent 'porridge' - for those mornings when you need a bit of love. 30g ground almonds, a banana, chopped, and coconut milk microwaved for 2 mins 30 seconds then enhanced with a dollop of Raw chocolate and brazil nut spread and some fresh raspberries (well as fresh as they can be in December). Anyone for pudding?

No Jillian this morning because I was tired and still trying to get myself organised. If I do my exercise DVD it takes me two hours from waking to leave the house. Some days that just won't work.
So, confesson time, I kind of blacked out this morning and forgot to snap my morning pear and lunch of salmon, kale, beetroot, pepper, cucumber, celery, tomatoes and carrot. Sorry. Does this picture of my nice walk make any form of amends? I needed to go to the post office at lunch and wasn't sure I'd fit in a walk, but it wasn't as busy as I'd feared, so I belled my friend D up when I got back to the office, and we took a turn. It was good to get out and make some amends for not exercising in the am.
Remains of the orange I ate in a meeting. Professional is my middle name. Check out the festive touch with the cracker, too. Just for you.

Please, please, someone take away the rest of the Hotel Chocolat chocolates. These berry mousse ones are off the chain good. I had two before running a meeting, so totally justified, see. The melting milk chocolate, the zingy berry... TRY THEM!

I got home and said hello to a carrot.

Then stuck the bird in the oven with some chopped sweet potato while I got busy with the chores. Some carrots and broccoli made a cameo appearance at the end. Mid-week roast. And leftovers for lunch.

Plus vegetable water and chicken juices ready to be reincarnated. A productive evening!

Is it Friday yet?
Question of the day: What's your favourite chocolate combination?
Chilli chocolate will always be number one - particularly in ice cream or hot chocolate. But this berry stuff has me hooked!

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