Monday, 24 December 2012

Not feeling to elf-y

Totally self-inflicted, of course, but not helped by the dreary weather, although the sun appears to be coming out now, finally!

I know you're all busy running around getting ready for the big day, so I won't keep you. First, here's how Saturday evening ended:

I am totally addicted to dates, and these organic ones from Waitrose were just the ticket to end my hangover day, followed by that li'l Ginger Bread Nakd bar peeking out cheekily from behind.

The day started on a healthy note - ground almond porridge with berries, banana, desiccated coconut and a blob of Peanut Butter and Co Smooth PB. I followed it with a really tough Jillian Michaels DVD - No More Trouble Zones. It's my least favourite, but I felt it was time for a challenge and why not pre-empt the indulgence?

After that I needed a protein hit before we headed out, so chowed down on this little treat.

We then set off to meet one of The Boy's friends, who had just completed a coastal marathon up the road from where I live. My Jill time paled in to insignificance as I watched the poor mud-splattered runners limp in. It was very inspiring, but not enough to make me strap my runners back on again!
After we met up with the intrepid runner and his girlfriend, we headed to The Tenth Hole so some carb-loading could be done. Check out this festive 'teatray in the sky'. So cool!

I hadn't run a marathon, so gave the muffin enveloping my breakfast burger away and tucked in to the HUGE sausagemeat pattie, bacon, mushroom and egg. It was about 4pm by the time we ate, so I was famished and it hit the spot.

We got a good walk in there and back, but it meant it took a while to get home, so I had to get straight to finishing off the mince pies I was at the final stage of making.
I made my own pastry - satisfying, but very messy! The whole baking process was a bit of a faff really, and I immediately vowed never to make these again... but oh did they taste good. Jury's out on whether they're good enough to repeat, though.

I took a few of them to my friend's house that evening for a get-together and some gift-giving. As we'd eaten lunch late, we didn't eat before we went over, and that's where the trouble started. I was soon tucking in to crisps, pastries and anything else that wafted past, and ended up overdoing it on the chocolates, too.
I only had a few drinks, so it was definitely a carb-hangover that caused today's grogginess. Oh well, I suppose it's just as well to get it out of the way before the big day! I'm also aching like a mother after the Jill DVD.
Christmas Eve! (Monday):
So, today started in a funk, and I only had myself to blame. A re-run of yesterday's breakfast plus lots of water made me feel a little more wholesome...

As did cleaning the house and eating this super-green Granny Smith apple. I can feel the vitamins.

Some moping ensued, but I think lunch has finally got me my get up and go back. I roasted some broccoli at 200 degrees C, turning half-way through, for 30 minutes. Then, the boy made me a gorgeous fluffy omelette filled with smoked salmon to go with it.

Now it's off for a walk, then later we'll be meeting up with friends for a drink or two - not going overboard - and getting a Turkish takeaway from Nemrut. The healthier choice!
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve! And Christmas Day! I may try to blog tomorrow but will see how it goes. I'm chef for the day so may be too exhausted!
Question of the Day: How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?
I usually like to have a few drinks and go out. Although we will be heading out for a bit, I'm looking forward to getting back early and snuggling! Am I getting old or lazy?!

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