Tuesday, 4 December 2012

No business like shoe business

Actually, it's more like I've got no business buying shoes! Huge fail today in my search for party shoes for Thursday. Yes, this Thursday. It's cruel to have our work Christmas party this early in the month, right?! How am I supposed to be prepared?! Luckily, my best gal BC is going to pick me up some I tried the other day but, stupidly, didn't buy. She's officially my hero.

Apart from the shoenanigans, today has been much better than the day that shall now be forgotten. Despite having to be in work by 7.30am today, I was far more chipper. I still feel a bit under the weather, but am powering through.


The plan was to be in bed by 10pm... What actually happened was I got the raging munchies later in the evening (I often do when I'm tired/stressed) and ate so much sugar I then felt far too awake to go to bed early.

What?  I hear you cry, but you're always so healthy and self-controlled! Erm, well, yeah. I try to be, but sometimes it's a struggle. I'm living with a legacy of years of dieting and a 'binge/restrict' mentality. Thankfully I've come a looooooooong way, and have a much healthier relationship with food and exercise now, but I do still have my off days. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with them. The obvious answer would, of course, be to go to bed, but that's no fun when there's biscuits and chocolate to be eaten, is it? (One of my healthier snacks pictured below. Others were consumed!)

So, instead, I dust myself off and get back to normal asap.
Apologies for my ugly little breakfast plate today, but it tasted good, honest. A two-egg omelette, fresh raspberries and a banana, washed down with my usual pot of tea with almond milk. No time for exercise due to the early start, sadly.

I was so hungry come snacktime that my Braeburn apple disappeared before it could say 'Cheese!'.
The salmon salad fared a little better. It was dressed with basil olive oil, a sachet left from our weekend roasting veggies. A nice little change. There's the usual rainbow of veggies in there, too - carrot, beetroot, cucumber, kale, tomatoes and celery.

'Tis the season for oranges and I'm making the most of it. They are so tasty at the moment. Well worth the speckles of juice all over my desk. The smell wakes you up, too!

I went for a late afternoon walk which really perked me up. The best bit? The little robin I saw! So cute and seasonal and just darned lovely. What would I do without this to escape to? Bye bye grey desk, hello ducks and teeny birds.

After my early start I left the office a bit early to go on that failure of a shoe hunt. When I got home I had a snack of some miso soup to warm me and a carrot to gnaw on, got my clean on and got the bathroom and kitchen ship-shape. Oh, and here's a replica of that apple I had earlier.
He's hiding. He knows he's next...

Dinner was mackerel salad with boiled kale, carrot and samphire. Very simple, very good. Is it normal to eat that much mackerel? Do I care?

Time for Girls.
Question of the day: How do you combat tiredness, apart from sleep more?
I've not cracked this one yet! Ideas welcome.

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