Sunday, 9 December 2012

No begging letters!

Happy Sunday evening, my loves! I can't quite believe it but in my Friday post I neglected to mention I won John Lewis vouchers at work. I know, how could I forget such excitement! So, Saturday meant a trip to my favourite shop, of course, Wish List clutched in eager little hand!


But, first, I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and mooch before doing Jillian's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. Oh yes - 40 minutes of butt-whipping set me up for the day. Breakfast was ground almond 'porridge' with coconut milk (left from laksa-making) and blueberries. So warming on a brisk, sunny December day and rib-sticking enough to keep me going for hours, I tell ya.

I then walked to the Post Office to send some cards to my Greek friends and relatives and a French pal (I'm tres contintental you know). Last guaranteed posting date before Xmas for Europe is tomorrow, folks. And be prepared to take out a second mortgage - £5 to send 6 cards! Next year it's a text.

I took the opportunity to pop to my fave butchers. Check out my stash - 2 small chickens, 12 eggs, 5 sausages and 2 HUGE rib-eye steaks for £16. Made up for the stamps I suppose!

I headed back to the ranch to meet the boy and snacked on a Golden Delicious apple in preparation for our trip to my Saturday places of worship - Waitrose and John Lewis.

I bought an iPad cover, a knife, some kitchen tongs, a 2013 diary and an umbrella. Rock and roll! These are all things I've needed for ages but been too tight/broke to buy. Totally excited.

Check out this afternoon sun. So beautiful. We did a good 4-mile round trip walking to the shops and back, laden with bags on our return.

It was about 4pm when we collapsed through the door, and I wasn't that hungry (all that fat and sugar from yesterday still coursing through my veins). I also knew dinner was gonna be big, so just had some snacky bits - pecans and a pear followed by a mini Lindt advent calendar truffle and hot cocoa made with Green and Blacks cocoa powder, Alpro almond milk and a dash of honey. Actual starting to love winter!

Here's my new knife! If you knew how pathetic my old one was, you'd understand my joy. I'm a simple gal, really.

Dinner was rib-eye steak cooked rare with Luann's Kale Salad. It took me aaaaages to eat and was very satisfying.

Much, much later, having read The Guardian back to front, I had one square of Lindt 90% dark chocolate and a redbush tea with almond milk. We'd been due to eat out with friends, but they were unwell, so we made the most of a cosy night in.

D Day dawned. Decorating day. Argh! Hate hate hate decorating, but we needed to finish the kitchen and I don't want to drag on until after Christmas. I prepared as only I know how - with ground almond 'porridge' with blueberries, a teaspoon of Peanut Butter and Co Smooth Operator, coconut milk and desiccated coconut. Amaze.

Then we headed to the DIY superstore. Bleurgh. On the way in the car I remembered we bought two lucky dip lottery tickets on the way home yesterday, so I checked them on my mobile. We got four numbers and won £100!!!!! My first instinct was to use my half to pay for the decorating materials (lame, I know!) but then I realised a far better thing to do would be to save it for a nice meal when we go away as a Christmas treat in the New Year. So excited to win!! What a weekend!
Duty called though, and soon bought us back down to earth. I had a Jazz apple, originally destined for our salad lunch tomorrow, to ease the pain.

Soon after we had a spot of lunch (procrastinating, clearly). Mine was shop-bought Chicken and Chorizo soup from Waitrose. It was yummy, vibrant and warming. Perfect for a gloomy Sunday.

And then, we got down to bidness. About half way through I honestly thought, 'That's it, I give up. I'll just have to save up and pay someone to finish it, 'cos I can't and it looks crap and... wah!' Then, it all started to come together and is looking pretty good! I would show pitcures but from far away it doesn't look all that different. It's the little touch-ups and details, you see.

I'm taking a break before the last coat on the kickboards to blog, then will be making pork sausages, veg and sweet potato mash for dinner before collapsing in front of Homeland.

So, a weekend of light and shade, but all in all, pretty succesful! Hope you've had good ones.

Question of the day: Do you like decorating?

Hate it.

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