Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday? Meh.

Hello, peeps. How ya doing? I've got to be honest, I'm feeling pretty crappy. I woke up tired and cranky and things didn't really improve, despite 40 minutes of yoga in an attempt to stretch my aching limbs and make me feel zen. Nope, still moaned at the boy about dirty pans and left for work in a grump!


Quick update on how we ended the evening lastnight before I plunge into the depths of Monday's despair:

'Fabulously fruity fiesta', part of our meal deal, plus 'homemade' peppermint 90% Lindt dark chocolate while falling asleep during Homeland. Andy must love having to recount the last 20 minutes of every episode to me.

Breakfast bought some temporary cheer with it's almondy, blueberry, peanut buttery, banana-y lushness. I could eat this all day every day.
I was also mildly lifted by my front door wreath. It looks like berries! Yes, everything MUST relate back to food, okay.

Maybe the day started to really go wrong when I didn't have my usual apple, tiny or otherwise, at snack time. This li'l mix of fresh blubes and dried cranbs did try hard though, and was very tasty.

Lunch was some succulent leftover roast chicken with salad veggies.
Swiftly followed by a vitamin C hit. Much needed it turns out. Yep, went out for an afternoon walk and came back feeling really drained, achy and quite rough.

Even my advent calendar choccy couldn't shift the malaise...

It was a busy and pretty relentless day, so I shot off as soon as I could to get the food shop done and get home to wind down. I was starving when I got in. It was crunch time.

I was really glad I saved and refrigerated the roast chicken juices from yesterday as I planned to do a yummy broth. Hopefully there's some goodness in there.

I scraped of the white fatty bit and dissolved the rest in 500ml of boiling water. The smell told me I had made a wise choice.

I then proceeded to make a slightly altered version of my favourite Salmon and Ginger Broth with Pak Choy. Basically, I forgot to buy pak choy, so added kale and samphire instead. What else?! It was just the ticket.

Right, it is VERY early to bed for me tonight. I am NOT going down like that. I rarely get ill, so refuse to be struck down twice on one month. Girls will have to wait on the Sky Plus until tomorrow (sob). Laters lovelies.
Question of the day: How was your Monday?
The week can only get better, right?!


  1. Yes! The week MUST get better. And I also love your wreath! I want one...

    1. Ah, thank you. It was from a supermarket here in the UK. Cheap and cheerful - the best kind!