Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Itching for a scratching

Phew, we've made it to Wednesday. Yay us! I'm quite pooped and had a long and busy day at work, so I'm going to keep this short n' sweet. I need my beauty sleep for our Christmas party tomorrow!
No rest this morning - Jillian called and I just got on with it. Breakfast included a teaspoon of Raw Foods raw chocolate and brazil nut spread, desiccated coconut and fresh raspberries. Happy days.

Lunch was mackerel salad at a different desk (oooooh!) as I camped out in another building today. It was fun. Don't panic, I haven't missed my morning snack apple. It's just I was so busy all morning, lunch rolled around first! But I ate me that Braeburn next, oh yes I did.

Then I went for a lovely, sunny, FREEZING walk with the boy and saw this swan and yesterday's robin several times. Pure seasonal joy. I want a pet robin! Fact!

Another gorgeous hit of citrus.
On the way home Andy went to the chiropractor and I headed to Waitrose in search of a salty snack. I wanted something Paleo-friendly but portion-controlled (ie not a hugeass bag of expensive nuts I'll eat the lot of because I'm hungry!). Soooo, I got these....

Posh pork crackling. Just pork and salt. Naughty. Nice. Did share some with boy...

And had carrot so it didn't feel left out.

And made 'fish and chips' with grilled Basa fillets, boiled broccoli and samphire and roasted sweet potato. Simple and filling.
Time to watch some creepy TV with the boy (The Secret of Crickley Hall) and early to bed methinks. No blog tomorrow - it's party time! Full report on Friday.
Question of the day: Are you going to a work Christmas party this year? When is it?
Mine's tomorrow. I only have one this year, which I'm very thankful for as I used to have two or three and it got quite tiring and expensive!

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