Friday, 7 December 2012

Good for what ails ya!

...soup, that is. So much so, I've had it twice today. It still hasn't quite cut through the hangover head-fuzz, but a valiant effort has been made.


Thursday morning bought Jillian and a banana pancake with defrosted blueberries. I remembered, as I sometimes do, that I had some coconut oil I could use to fry it up in. I got it at a local mini-mart for about £1 rather than the £7 or £8 they sell it for in the supermarket. Apparently it doubles up as a good hair oil! Anyway, it's quite the trend, and seems to work well for frying, although you either have to warm it a bit to melt it or impatiently try and scrape it out with a chopstick, like me.

The pancake got a bit stuck but it tasted good. Promise.
As did my mid-morning apple.

And my prawn salad was a winner. These jumbo frozen prawns have been amazing - soooo meaty.

We then went into a meeting for most of the afternoon and I managed to grab an (unpictured) orange and this Nakd bar to boost my energy and line the tum ready for the Christmas party...

A few hours later... You can see where this is heading, right?! Starter was three cocktails (!) followed by a bit of smoked salmon and rocket. Main was turkey wrapped in bacon with potatoes and veg, and was quite good as mass catering goes. Lots of wine accompanied both courses.

I did remember to snap my fruit salad pudding. To be honest, though, memories become hazy around this point. I'm sure it was perfectly nice.

Prosecco and champagne followed. And dancing.

Yeah. Woke up a bit 'tired' and pinned all hopes of revival on paleo 'porridge' with ground almonds, Alpro almond milk, desiccated coconut (heaped a little too much on today!) and Peanut Butter and Co Smooth Operator. It was good. It wasn't enough.

I sametimed The Boy when I got to work and demanded refreshments. I tried to stick to being healthy and got a smoothie and almonds, cranberries and raisins. It was nice!

Managed to hold out 'til lunch where I had a shop-bought soup (no time to make lunch as went straight out lastnight. I know, drop in standards!). It was Tesco Finest Sri Lankan Chicken soup. Lovely and spicy and fragrant but, again, not enough!

Fresh air helped, as did a good laugh with my BC who was also feeling the effects of lastnight. It's good to have morale support on these days! Favourite tree is totally leafless now, btw. No robin sightings.

Insert orange here.

It was all going so well...

Oh dear...! Energy flagging, I gave in to the sweetie tin. And I'd do it again!
On dragging myself through the front door I snacked on some wasabi peas and rice crackers.
I pulled it back with a healthy dinner, though:
Prawn laksa made me feel a little more wholesome. Hangovers just have to be fed what they want, I find. But, I am looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow and some healthy food and exercise!
Question of the day: What's your go-to hangover cure?
Sleep, soup and stodge.

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